Fall Fair ’09 Tour Round & Room Inspection

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The Fall Fair is finally here! Sorry about the late post (this was actually written two days after the start of the Fall Fair), but it is now been posted! This is the 2009 Fall Fair! And we can’t wait to see what new things are here. First, off you will see an orange button up on the top right corner next to the Moderator badge. Click that thingy!

Fall Fair 09 Ticket Info 01

Fall Fair 09 Ticket Info 02

If you’ve read the image just above this paragraph, it tells you how to earn tickets. It’s very simple. Just play any of the ”special” Fall Fair games which are lying around in decorated rooms around Club Penguin Island and play them. Then go to the Prize Booth in the Forest and if you have enough tickets, buy whatever you want there!


Now when you got enough tickets, go to the Prize Booth located at the Forest, then trade your tickets for items. There are currently 4 items, but there are more prizes to come!! It says so in the middle. I wonder what new items will come? But here are the current items you can buy:

  • Cotton Candy Pin (50 tickets)
  • Fair Beacon Background (50 tickets)
  • Cosmic Star Hat (100 tickets)
  • Feathered Tiara (100 tickets)

Fall Fair 09 Prizes 01

Room Inspection & Tour Round

Let’s check out the rooms in Club Penguin now. After all that waddling around, it is nice to just go back and check out the rooms properly. Here is the Town. The outside & inside of the Coffee Shop & Night Club are decorated, but the inside of the Gift Shop is not.

Fall Fair 09 Room Town

If you go inside of the Night Club, I think it is the same decorations as last year. Atleast most of it. The Dance Floor changes colour most of the time. Pink & Blue. The Night Club is quite ”neon-themed”.

Fall Fair 09 Room Night Club

Go back outside of the Night Club and into the Coffee Shop. Yum! Candy-themed! Same as last year, with the Candy Apple on the floor & everything. Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy! Don’t eat that Candy Apple!

Fall Fair 09 Room Coffee Shop

The Dock has a Juice Bar, which you can pretend to serve penguins fruit-flavoured juice. There is a game here called Ring the Bell. This is one of the games which you can use to earn tickets. I like Ring the Bell. It is a great & easy came to win tickets so that you can buy items from the Prize Booth.

Fall Fair 09 Room Dock

Up at the Beach there is the Memory Card Game. A classic game with cards. Find a matching pair. Rockhopper’s ship is docked, and the Lighthouse outside is decorated, just not the inside, not including the Beacon, which is decorated. I hardly play the Memory Card Game, but I will start playing it more from now. I want those tickets for the upcoming prizes!

Fall Fair 09 Room Beach

Ski Village! A big sign with The Fair behind the Tour Booth, with lots of balloons on the sign. A moving Rockhopper with The Fair on it. Looks great. I wonder how much coins Club Penguin spent to make all this. LOL. The BIG Rockhopper probably costed a lot. Especially the way how it moves. Someone throw a bucket of water on it so that it doesn’t work :D!

Fall Fair 09 Room Ski Village

Moving on to the Beacon. I think this is dressed for The Great Puffle Circus. Lookin’ good. A great Jet Pack Adventure sign, and has lots of great colours. Nothing in the Beacon Telescope, so don’t look out there, unless you want to see the sea moving side to side, BORING! LOL. Is that a new design?

Fall Fair 09 Room Beacon

Go to the Snow Forts to play Puffle Paddle. I think that game is ”animal cruelty”. The way they are treated to be bouncing on a Paddle, but I think they enjoy it, except for the Black Puffle, anyway. The Balloons! WA-HEY! If someone grabs hold of them, they will start the Festival of Flight all over again. Get it?

Fall Fair 09 Room Snow Forts

Earlier at the Snow Forts, do you see ”More Games This Way!”? Well then go through that to go to the Bonus Games room. This room last year used to be just for members, but now non-members can go inside aswell! There are just two extra games here. Balloon Pop & Puffle Soaker. Better get that barrel of Cream Soda to Rockhopper, ‘eh :D?

Fall Fair 09 Room Bonus Games Room

The inside of the Mine Shack is decorated like last year, with the Burger Stand & Cart Surfer signs. Check out the penguin falling :D. ”Excuse me, Burger Stand penguin. Can I have one Burger with fish & seaweed? Thanks :D”. But the inside of the Mine Shack is just decorated. No games inside. Boo!

Fall Fair 09 Room Mine Shack

Ah, the Iceberg, which has now been transferred into a ball pit! Woo! Slide down (waddle) the slide and into the balls! Wheeee. That’s a lot of stairs to climb, right :D? The Aqua Grabber sign moves! Here, little fishy, fishy, fishy. Though the balls in the ball pits don’t move, it looks awesome, right? Game, game game!

Fall Fair 09 Room Iceberg

The Cave is as the same as last year. Also known as the Underground Pool or just the Pool. Go on the ”Mary Go-Round”. Either on the horse, the Fluffy or Mullet. It looks like your moving, but your actually not! It would be great if the Cave become a fun-house, with mirrors & all that!

Fall Fair 09 Room Cave

Last but not least, the Cove (not to be confused with Cave :D). It’s got a Popcorn Stand, along with a game, Feed-A-O-Puffle-O. Just throw Puffle O’s to the puffles to get tickets. Easy! Surfing on the the roof of the Surfing Shack, weee! Another Cream Soda barrel for Rockhopper. And the Koi Fish Pin has been moved to the rocks near the Surfing Shack!

Fall Fair 09 Room Cove

The only rooms left are the Plaza, Mountain & Forest, which are coming very soon!

The Great Puffle Circus

The members-only room, the Great Puffle Circus. If members go to the Forest and go through the path between the Prize Booth & Puffle Shuffle, you will be lead to the Circus Entrance, where the Members Prize Booth is. I ”sneaked” myself in :D.

Fall Fair 09 Circus Entrance

Here are the prizes. Woah, I certainly like the Igloo. The grand prize is that costume in the middle. There are still more prizes to come, like at the Forest Prize Booth. I think probably 1 or 2 more items will come, so keep an eye out! Here are the prizes:

Fall Fair 09 Member Prizes


5 Responses to “Fall Fair ’09 Tour Round & Room Inspection”

  1. 1 gina September 6, 2009 at 6:38 PM

    How do you get in the puffle circus when your not a member?

  2. 2 gina September 6, 2009 at 6:49 PM

    Post how to get the Winged Viking Helmet at Rockhopper’s rare items, on the ship.

  3. 3 Ninjinian September 7, 2009 at 6:12 PM

    I edited myself in :D. By the way, if Mimo777 said that he ”sneaked” into the Circus, all he probably did is edit himself in.

  4. 4 Ninjinian September 7, 2009 at 6:12 PM

    Szig18 was supposed to do it. If it is not done by the end of today, then I will do it tomorrow.

  5. 5 rawkchawk333 September 8, 2009 at 9:57 PM

    DUDE FALL FAIR IS BACK 😀 I LOVED IT LAST YEAR AND NOW ITS EVEN BETTER!!!! I just wish they wouldnt of allowed us to interact with the puffles in the great circus, that’s a good idea! 😀

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