Metalmanager – New Editor

Hello and such.™

You may not have heard of me. Wait, why would have? Anyway, I’m a new editor here, I like to type fast, very fast, and sometimes too fast, so I can make mistakes, rarely though. Speaking of rare, not gonna try and impress ya or nothin’, I’m just pretty rare, so is my brother, Sk8itbot, also an editor here. Me and Sk8itbot joined on the same day, well, he DID tell me about Club Penguin in the first place. We joined November, 2006, just after the 1st year party, but, not too late for the Green party.

Metalmanager Profile Card

Unfortunately, we weren’t members then, so we didn’t get the green cape, but I do have several old items such as:  Cream Cowboy Hat, Orange/Yellow Sombrero,  2nd Year Party hat, Blue Water Wings, Blue Lei. Blue Cape, Red Cape, that..Pink and Beige hat thing, Pink Bunny Ears, That Blue Shirt thing that’s pretty rare and 3D glasses. I have unlocked rare items too, I have unlocked: Lighthouse Shirt, Brown CP Hat, MP3000, Yellow Cape, Orange Construction Vest, White Parka and Red Hoodie. I am pretty lucky, I won the Viking Penguin competition, so I have a blue Viking penguin for free. 5 of my comments have been posted on the Club Penguin Blog ( As of  the 12th of September, I am 1040 days old on CP, heh, pretty old, eh?

Finally, I am a Ninja, I go on Frozen, Frosty, Sasquatch or anything that’s empty at that time. I have 5 beta buddies and I have met many famous penguins, such as Heatblast227, Wwe Adam, Darth Beans, Snowbossi, Fano (buddy), Phat Fano (buddy), Starbucks (buddy), Sith Sith, Chrome Gt, Ojoc, Coco, Dragonflyer9 (buddy) and Antras (WAS buddy).

Okay, that’s enough.

▄█ →Metalmanager← █▄

3 Responses to “Metalmanager – New Editor”

  1. 1 Red boots 12 September 15, 2009 at 3:57 AM

    Hey! Nice to meet you! We should meet on Club Penguin sometime. I’m usually on all the time and in the server Avalanche. If full, Snowbound. If full, Matterhorn. If full I don’t get on.

  2. 2 metalmanagercp September 15, 2009 at 1:37 PM

    Hello! Yeah, I’d love to meet you on Club Penguin! I might not be on at the same time as you, I am in Britain, see? I normally go on Sasquatch, Glacier or Southern Lights, and you will normally see me at the dock or town.

    – Metalmanager

  3. 3 Red boots 12 September 15, 2009 at 10:35 PM

    OK how about we meet at Glacier at the Town. I’m Red Boots 12 (as you probably guessed).

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