Sensei Scavenger Hunt & Ninja Construction

Sorry about not posting earlier. I was expecting Metalmanager to post this, but I guess I have to. Anyway, have you seen Club Penguin’s sky? It’s gone orange! That’s because there’s a new Ninja Scavenger Hunt that Sensei organised & there’s some new Ninja stuff going on. Something to do with the Dojo or mountains probably.

Sensei Scavenger Hunt

Okay, so first for the hunt, click the fire icon next to the Moderator badge in the top right corner of your Club Penguin screen. This is your Sensei Scavenger Hunt inventory. Every time you receive a ”fiery item”, the window that comes up when you click the fire icon, the fiery item you got will add and tell you a clue for the next item.

Sensei Scavenger Hunt 01

As soon as you’ve clicked it, something like below should come up. This is where you keep track of your items, and gives you clues for the next fiery item to collect. You can see the outlines of some of the items, but that doesn’t matter, all you need are the cheats to click that ”Claim Prize” button!

Sensei Scavenger Hunt 02

First fiery item is a log in the Ski Village in the fire. It’s pretty hard to see, because it’s blended in as the fire-wood. Clever, right? But it is very hard to see & find without the white-outline outside the fiery item. Why a piece of wood. There are not much Ninja items in the hunt, you’ll see.

Sensei Scavenger Hunt 03

Second fiery item is at the Book Room, a candle, somewhere around on the bookshelf. I realised why they are giving these kind of items. Because they’re ”fiery items”! Clever. Get it. Fiery items, the candle is lit. I bet you know. I’m just exaggerating this paragraph up to atleast 3 – 4 lines. Okay I’ll stop and get to the other cheat :D.

Sensei Scavenger Hunt 04

Third fiery item is a Black Puffles grey hair in the Pet Shop in a cage. The drawings of puffles have changed. You have to click twice for this. Click once, wait a while, click again. You might have to do this with some others aswell.

Sensei Scavenger Hunt 05

Fourth fiery item is a the Mine and is a lamp. I got nothing to expand in this paragraph :|.

Sensei Scavenger Hunt 06

Fifth fiery item is a Hot Sauce bottle in the Pizza Parlour. You will have to click this twice, at the first click, it will squirt hot sauce, then you click it again. It is next to the 101 Days of Fun pin, so it should be easy to find.

Sensei Scavenger Hunt 07

Sixth fiery item is a ”stick” near the fire at the Cove. I bet the stick has burnt by now, so you can’t get it now :D. Joking. But seriously, why put a hidden item (especially a stick) near a fire. Probably so that it blends in with all the other sticks used as fire-wood?

Sensei Scavenger Hunt 08

Seventh fiery item is a pair of Jet Packs at the Lighthouse Beacon near the Jet Pack Adventure game. Click it once, wait for it to fire up, then click it again. I don’t think I want those… they won’t fit in the places where cartoon characters just take out. They take out a large item which looks like it’s coming from their butt :D!

Sensei Scavenger Hunt 09

Eighth & last fiery item is a Dojo Lantern at the Dojo Courtyard, the left one, if you didn’t know :D. After this one, I hope you know where to go. If you don’t, I’ll tell you below. But there is no point going to the Ninja Hideout unless your a member. I’ll tell you. Don’t want to give you spoilers yet.

Sensei Scavenger Hunt 010

Ninja Construction

Now if you are Ninja, you should hurry up & train to get into the Ninja Hideout & check out what’s going on, and if your a member, buy the items in the Martial Artworks catalogue, especially the Ninja Outfit, which will help a lot. Not forgetting the Cloud Wave Bracers. Why you ask that you need them? I’ll explain below.

Ninja Orange 01

See, as you go inside the Ninja Hideout (if your a Ninja), you will see how it is changed than before. There’s a lot of construction going on. If you check out that notice in the top-right near the Moderator badge & Scavenger Hunt inventory fire icon, it says ”Use the Cloud Wave Bracers to turn the wheel!”. You can only do that if you are a member. By buying the Cloud Wave Bracers along with the Ninja Outfit, I think you Wave (W) and the wheel you see will turn, and throw objects from the Ninja Hideout entrance into the pit.

Sensei Scavenger Hunt Hideout

So use those Cloud Wave Bracers if you are a member. From the newspaper, this will go to September 20th, so enjoy the scavenger hunt & these new ninja stuff until then, alright? If you got anything to say, just comment on this post and I’ll reply to you. Have a wonderful day!


2 Responses to “Sensei Scavenger Hunt & Ninja Construction”

  1. 1 legoforest September 17, 2009 at 5:38 PM

    Thanks Ninjinian.

  2. 2 Darkrai 9 September 19, 2009 at 8:46 PM

    thanks couldnt have found all the items without your help

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