Penguin Times Issue #208

The Halloween Party starts on the 27th, but there’s a lot of weeks until it comes, so Club Penguin are going to have an ”Halloween Igloo Contest” that starts October 16, which is in about a week! There will be a fresh Better Igloos catalog, which you can see when it releases down below in the events section, so are you going to enter?

Newspaper 208 02

The 4th Club Penguin Anniversary Party will be on the 24th, which is the day Club Penguin released, and will only be here for 1 day! I think it’ll probably be in the Coffee Shop, which is one of Club Penguin’s first ever room! We’re all still wondering what colour will this years Anniversary Hat will be. There’s been green & blue, orange & yellow & blue, orange & yellow. IT COULD BE PURPLE!

Newspaper 208 03

The ”Volcano Mystery” continues, as Sensei tells us nothing and chats rubbish! If anyone understands this old, grey penguin, please feel free to comment!! But all we know is that the volcano has been shooting out more lava-smoke. What will happen? Many say it will be a new Ninja room, and I think Sensei said that!

Newspaper 208 04

Newspaper 208 05

The secret! Which is ways to change your furniture (only some) by using the arrows!

Newspaper 208 06

Check it out! There’s a dot-to-dot in this week’s Penguin Times! Starting with number 1, join all the dots in the right order to reveal a picture. Can you guess what it is before you finish? Now there’s 22 dots to complete! What do you think it is? I think it’s pretty obvious….

Newspaper 208 07


Newspaper 208 08

Now check these five sweet new events coming up! I think we have a pretty line-up in the few months to come! Especially the play, the new Better Iggs catalog, 4th anniversary party & Halloween Party! Including the pin, which might be the Walt Disney Castle Pin!

October 9 – November 12

  • Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal at Stage!

October 9

Event 208 02

  • New Postcards in Penguin Mail!

October 9 – 22

  • New Pin Hidden

October 24

Event 208 03

  • 4th Anniversary Party!

October 16

Event 208 04

  • New Better Igloos Catalog

Wow, what a line-up for this month! I wonder what new stuff will be here next month in November ’09! Only two months to go till 2010. Hasn’t the year gone by so fast? The only thing we know that is coming in November is that Gnome Play which will be the play after Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal. What do you think?


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