Penguin Times Issue #210

Newspaper 210 01

There’s lots of talk about Club Penguin turning 4 years old in two days! On Saturday, October 24 for one day only, the 4th Anniversary Party will be held in the Coffee Shop! Get ready as Club Penguin turns 4 (LOL, 4 years old. Big age isn’t it?) and eat cake, collect the party hat & just party! I wonder if the ”Wish-o-maker 3000” will return from last year. The hat will probably be green, yellow & blue.

Newspaper 210 02

And the volcano that we have been seeing has turned out to erupt so bad, that a storm will hit Club Penguin on October 27th. Gary says that it’ll be the worst storm Club Penguin will/ever had. Many ninjas have also seen the clouds, and the storm has already started up in the Courtyard, and will spread all over the island!

Newspaper 210 03

Newspaper 210 04

The Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest rules are here! Which goes from Oct. 16 – 24. All you have to do is decorate your igloo in a Halloween theme, and press the “Enter Contest!” golden igloo button in your igloo, and don’t change anything in your igloo after that. The 20 Grand Prize winners receive 50,000 coins, their igloos featured in the newspaper, and a special postcard from the judges. The 20 Runner ups get 25,000 and the other two things for the Grand Prize winners. Contest ends in 3 days!

Newspaper 210 05

The secret is about the Halloween Candy Hunt. It says start with the first clue and follow them carefully. No two treats will be in the same place. Remember to use your map to make sure you haven’t missed any spots! The Halloween Candy Hunt will be here on CPP as soon as possible!

Newspaper 210 06

October 23 – November 5

  • New Pin Hidden

October 24

Event 210 02

  • 4th Anniversary Party!

October 24 – onwards

Event 210 03

  • New Yearbook on the Book Shelfs!

October 27 – November 1

Event 210 01

  • Halloween Party 2009!

Well that’s pretty much it for the newspaper! I’ve been busy with things! In England, most school half-terms should be started from Monday. My half-term runs all next weeks! What about you? Anything your looking forward to on Club Penguin. Well, tomorrow is the new pin, and then the day after that (in 2 days time) the 4th Anniversary Party will be in the Coffee Shop for one day only! So don’t forget! We’ll have the cheats here!


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