Club Penguin’s 4th Anniversary Party Tour Round

Club Penguin’s 4th Anniversary Party has arrived! And remember everyone, it is here for only 1 day! It’s now been 4 years since Club Penguin was created, and I really like all the decorations! Just to tell you, the Party Hat’s colours are not green, yellow & blue :D. Can you guess already what they are? Possibly, but anyway, check out the TOWN! The outside of the Coffee Shop is decorated, with some balloons & things on the sides. Lets go inside!

4th Anniversary Party Town

The party’s being held in the Coffee Shop. It had been a tradition for the Anniversary Party to be held in the Coffee Shop, because it’s one of Club Penguin’s oldest rooms! And the decorations actually work! Like by clicking the Cream Soda barrel, it picks up a cup and fills it up. Click on the cupcakes, and they disappear  one by one. Same with some other things. Now do you wanna know how to get the Party Hat?

4th Anniversary Party Coffee Shop

To get the Party Hat, it is hidden in a very good place! IT’S IN THE PIÑATA! Now the Party Hat is in the Piñata, so all you have to do is click it a few times, and the Pinata will just explode and a Party Hat will drop on the floor! You’ve seen puffles on the walls haven’t you? The Blue & Purple puffles. So what do you think it means?

4th Anniversary Party Hat 01

4th Anniversary Party Hat 02

That’s right! The Party Hat is a kind of Purple/Pink & Blue! That’s why you have been seeing lots of decorations that are those two colours, along with some colours being green, but green’s not in the 4th Year Party Hat! So the colour of the 4th Year Party Hat are ”purple/pink & blue”! Do you like the colours? I like them a bit.

4th Anniversary Party Hat 03

That’s it for the Club Penguin’s 4th Anniversary Party Tour Round! If you go upstairs from the Coffee Shop to the Book Room, you will see a new Yearbook! The pin cheats are directly below this post! If you don’t see the Yearbook post below this, it means I’m still writing it. So, what do you think of the Anniversary Party? The next party is the Halloween Party, so get ready to be spooked on Friday to November 5th. Reminding you again that the Anniversary Party is only here for 1 day! So get everything while you can!


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  1. 1 Red boots 12 October 24, 2009 at 3:39 PM

    You can see the storm almost everywhere now.

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