Penguin Times Issue #211

Newspaper 211 01

Well, the Halloween Party kicked off on Monday, and goes until November 1st. And in the newspaper there’s the Halloween Party Highlights. It’s a mini-tour-round in the newspaper! It tells you what is where in rooms. It tells you where the Slime Mine is, Haunted House, where the Night of the Living Sled III is playing, and the Costume Show!

Newspaper 211 02

Club Penguin is experiencing its strongest storm ever recorded. While we enjoy the Halloween Party, Gary the Gadget Guy is concerned by the large thunderstorm that shows no signs of stopping. He said that we’ll need to act quicker before the thunderstorm gets even worse! He issued these safety tips (see pictures below) before disappearing into the hills for an audience with Sensei. In English, he’s gonna talk about this with Sensei!

Newspaper 211 03

Newspaper 211 04

Newspaper 211 05

The Halloween Igloo contest winners have finally have been announced! The Grand Prize winners received 50,000 coins, and they are Lume Pall, Puppygirl476, Pengman66, Bob54472, 2007glitter, 01katy, Rtl1, Sharkguy95, Willy676 & Zachcody7889. The Runner-Ups get 25,000 coins, and they are Deno Rock, Mowglie1995, Musicdiva23, Ziggycoolguy, Strace1, Profesor Dan, Pille23, Kiwikid1, Huxlee & Acc The Bad! Well done!

Newspaper 211 06

Newspaper 211 07

Newspaper 211 08

This week’s secret is about the Pizzatron3000, when you are in Candy Mode.

Newspaper 211 09

There’s some hidden jokes in this week’s newspaper! To read them, click “HUMOR: JOKES” heading.

Newspaper 211 Joke 01

Newspaper 211 Joke 02

And there’s a Puzzle in this weeks newspaper – a wordsearch – to be exact. Here are the answers! Click to enlarge!

Newspaper 211 Wordsearch

November 2009

Event 211 01

  • New Play at the Stage!

November 2

Event 211 02

  • Payday for Agents and Tour Guides!

November 6 – 19

  • New Pin Hidden

November 6

Event 211 03

  • New Penguin Style Catalog

November 13

Event 211 04

  • New Postcards in Penguin Mail!

Well, that’s it for Club Penguin’s Penguin Times issue #211. I tried posting it as early as I could! Are you all enjoying the Halloween Party? Is it fun? Pretty dull that non-members cannot go into the Secret Lab or Haunted House. I hope we can still meet Gary the Gadget Guy. He visited last year in the Lab, and this time let’s hope he doesn’t ALWAYS go in the lab.


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