Penguin Times Issue #212

Newspaper 212 01

The secrets of the Volcano, storm & amulet have finally been revealed! It has turned out that during the Halloween party, the storm that was going on was cleared by the amulet, and now penguins are currently (especially goldsmiths!) creating amulets to help! Go into the Ninja Hideout, buy your Goldsmith from the Martial artworks and help out!

Newspaper 212 02

Newspaper 212 03

Check it out! Remember that Billybob kept posting on the Community blog with gnomes and a new play that was coming this November? Well, that play has finally been revealed in this week’s newspaper, #212! It is called ”Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed”. Weird name, but atleast it is brand new! It could (possibly) be Club Penguin’s biggest play (lie!) There will also be a secret play to go along with the play. It comes Nov 13 – Dec 10.

Newspaper 212 04

And more Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest winners have been revealed! These are the Grand Prize winners, and they are Kfijge, Dark Tiger3, Zaphiria, Kk Candy25, Goodteam, 1 Doc Hud95, Tina93807, Mario85925, Amber Dolly, Spyder 77. Congratulations to the Grand Prize winners… you get 50,000 coins!

Newspaper 212 05

Next are the Runner-ups for the Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest, who are Axel08174, Cooliamjames, Dussodjomo, Emirok, Halo 911, Jayzka, Redirule, Rock Star16, Springny Dude, Tom007james. Well done, runner-ups! You all get 25,000!

Newspaper 212 06

The secret is about puffles coming into games with you.

Newspaper 212 07

A dot to dot! You start with number 1, join all the dots in the right, order to reveal a picture. Can you guess what it is before you finish? There are 17 dots in total to complete. Use your mouse without clicking. I can’t guess it yet.

Newspaper 212 08

Newspaper 212 09

November 6 – December 3

Event 212 01

  • New Penguin Style Catalog

November 6 – 19

  • New Pin Hidden

November 13 – December 10

Event 212 02

  • New Play!

November 13

Event 212 03

  • Brand New Postcards in Mail!

November 20

Event 212 04

  • New Better Igloos Catalog

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