Card-Jitsu: Fire Dojo Awaits Member Ninjas!

Hey everyone! It’s Pup320 posting today! The Fire Dojo has arrived, You have to be a ninja to see it though. Luckily, CPP have a member-ninja on the case. So the construction of the Fire Dojo has started from today, November 13, and the Fire Dojo will be in the volcano that we have been seeing up near the Courtyard. To get into the Fire Dojo, you have to go inside the Ninja Hideout.


To get the amulet, just open up the Martial Artworks catalog, and it’s on the page after the catalog cover. It is only 200 coins, and is a decent & cheap price… for an amulet. On the Amulet, it has the water, fire and snow symbols on it, with a nose-shaped rock in the middle. Cool right? It says:

Behold, the Amulet. A symbol of power and skill, and a key to mastering the elements. Continue your journey by opening the hidden doors in this room. The next Dojo awaits.

Amulet in Catalog

Did you read it? It says a key to mastering the elements. The key bit it, a key. That means that there will be more keys to mastering them! Here is a picture of the amulet on a player card… zoomed. Credit to a random penguin in the Ninja Hideout :D.

Amulet on Player Card

The amulet is also hung up in the Flying Flippers Emporium shack in the Ninja Hideout, along with the Gong & Ninja Outfit. I’ve zoomed in closer to the shack so you can see the Amulet more closely on the shack. It is hung up on the wall, just above the Gong.

Amulet in Shack

And here is the Amulet in your inventory… zoomed again. It shows great detail here. It is located in the ”Neck Items”, just so you know where it will be in your inventory. It looks really good, and detailed if you zoom it in while it’s in your inventory. The design is also awesome.

Amulet in Inventory

Fire Dojo

Now to get inside the Fire Dojo (that’s what it’s called) you first need to click a flashing-stone. It will have the Fire symbol on it, which will be flashing. You should see it straight away once you enter, and is pretty much near the entrance. All you have to do is click that, and then the wooden times in the small river, and the stairs will open up and transform into a passage-way, which is lead you to the Fire Dojo!

Fire Dojo Entrance 01

Fire Dojo Entrance 02

If you are a non-member, you cannot enter the room, or get the Amulet. When you click the stone to open the passageway, a notice will come up and say that they’d love to see you continue your ninja journey. First you must become a member. As a member you can, challenge friends in Card-Jitsu: Fire, earn legendary items and become a Fire Ninja. That gives away so much!

Click the picture below you enlarge.

Fire Dojo Membership

And here it is… once you go through the passage-way, you will be lead to the Fire Dojo! It is currently in the works, so bare with it. If you’ve seen the room sketch, and the video, you’ll know how it’s going to turn out. To go back to the Ninja Hideout, there is a bridge, with an arrow pointing right. Go through there to go back to the hideout. We all think that where the cushion is, Sensei will sit there. There are some stone statues being made…. and much more!

Click the picture below you enlarge.

Fire Dojo Construction

Hope you enjoyed the post. Keep visting CPP for more Club Penguin news! There are some things that are here and not on many blogs that are in this post, such as the inventory picture, or the shack picture, or even the membership picture, but most importantly, many are not zoomed! Again, keep coming on Club Penguin Pins. More news coming very, very soon!


4 Responses to “Card-Jitsu: Fire Dojo Awaits Member Ninjas!”

  1. 1 Red boots 12 November 14, 2009 at 12:01 AM

    You can go to the Fire Dojo but it’s not fully finished. The fire picture on the floor is fully painted and the ninja statue is half built. And there’s a box that I think something goes in. And also there’s a bid hot sauce crate that needs to be open.

  2. 2 ambielyne November 17, 2009 at 12:32 AM

    Thanks! You rock! Waddle on! 🙂

  3. 3 Jasmine Luna November 21, 2009 at 2:12 PM

    The fire dijo is mint i luv going there to hang out and just enjoing it. Waddle on!

  4. 4 Jasmine Luna November 21, 2009 at 2:14 PM

    i think the fire dojo is a great idea for fun i hang out there with my mates and we neva get bored! its super to hav a little secret in the dojo for once! Waddle on 🙂

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