Penguin Style Dec ‘09 Catalog Cheats

Hey everyone, and it’s Ninjinian posting the December 2009 catalog cheats for the Penguin Style. There are quite a lot of Christmas clothing – so members be sure to buy those! Now let’s start with the cheats, shall we? The first cheat is to click the Coins for Change barrel on the stand on the first page for the Stocking Cap (200 coins).

Second cheat is to click the top of the tall, left tree for the Long Johns (350 coins).

Third, fourth, fifth & sixth cheat is to click all the intruments you can see in the middle tree for the Drumsticks (120 coins), Trumpet (450 coins), Acoustic Guitar (700 coins) and the Snare Drum (380 coins).

Eighth cheat is to click the word “work” in Penguins at Work for the Black Superhero Mask (100 coins).

Ninth cheat is to click the White Puffle trying to lick the snowflake for The Dizzy wig (500 coins).

Tenth cheat is to click the small, Dojo Courtyard that is visible for the Red Viking Helmet (750 coins).

Eleventh cheat is to open & close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet (1200 coins).

Twelfth & last cheat is to click the far-right small mushroom that is under the big mushroom for the Black Cape (550 coins).

Well that’s the last of them! 12 cheats, can you believe it? What a Christmas catalog, that was, right? Got enough coins to buy everything? From my computer calculator, all the secret cheats add up to…. 5300 coins. WOW. Expensive right? How are you gonna save up for Coins for Change. Club Penguin sure are expensive! Keep playing games and all of those stuff!


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