Penguin Times Issue #220

January 1st will strike 00:00 tomorrow night – are you staying up late to count the glory till New Year? So Club Penguin’s New Year will be coming soon. And I believe there will be fireworks! Has 2009 been a great year? Has 2000 been a cool decade? Well, let’s not live in the past – for 2010’s acoming.

And Club Penguin mascots, Aunt Arctic & Rockhopper wish to thank all of you that helped donate to Coins for Change. I believe we beat last year’s record. So you’d better feel proud of yourself for donating – cause we all made a difference! We’ll see about 2010’s Coins for Change, won’t we?

And the next set of the Holiday Igloo Decorating Contest winners have been announced! Congratulations to the winners, with a 25,000, Daisy8sfrt, Purr4297, Jennyrf51, Kayla82018, Hamtaro10, Edg12345, Nina1593, A11977, Penguinjr09 & Jeffy212! And to runner-ups, with 15,o00 coins, Mr Snowwing, Bommerman79, Indi 2, Were Were, Huntactic3, Gorilla553, Federika, Bubutie, Nate137 and Jordana007.

And there’s a dot-to-dot. Starting with number 1, join all the dots in the right order to reveal an image. Can you guess what it is before you finish? Well, I can tell you that it’s Rockhopper with Yarr. With a total of 18 dots to dot.

January 1

  • Payday for Agents and Tour Guides!

January 1

  • New Penguin Style Catalog

January 1 – 14

  • New Pin Hidden

January 8

  • Fairy Fables Returns to the Stage

That’s it for the 220’s issue of the Penguin Times. Can you believe there’s a new year tomorrow? Twenty-ten will be acoming tomorrow, won’t it. There’s always fireworks going on. I believe Australia celebrated too early for us :D. Anyway, I’ll see you with tomorrow’s posts, and have a Happy New Year!


1 Response to “Penguin Times Issue #220”

  1. 1 Naranja2000 January 1, 2010 at 11:46 PM

    OMG, where’s the new pin and the new catalog. They’re not posting in Club Penguin. CPP, does someone know what is happened? If someone knows please contact me. Thanks.

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