Mine Project Begins at the Mine!

The Mine Project – also called the Cave Expedition –  has finally started after all those mysterious signs in the Mine which showed a rockslide forming. Nobody really knew what it was for… many thought that the rockslide was to do with Herbert’s new plan for Mission 11 – and some even thought a new room was coming. It is specifically a new room.. but also a project. Click the poster in the Town/Plaza and some other places and go to the Mine!

Once your there inside the Mine, you can see that the rockslide has been removed and built, and a tunnel has been formed, which leads inside the Mine Cave. It says ”CAUTION! Digging in progess!” That means if you already have the Hard Hat, you can progress. If you don’t have it, then pick one up!

Inside the whole place has been changed, and there is a machine at the back which powers the electricity in here. Because there isn’t enough electricity here, it would be hard to power stuff that’s underground. So you have to keep throwing snowballs in the the machine for power. Note that you don’t have to do it yourself, others can do it and will affect you too. If nobody in the room powers the machine the lights will go off.

Click the next picket sign to find… the hidden treasure! First, all you gotta do is wear a hard hat or use a shovel. Hmm… never knew that you could use a shovel, but if you do have a shovel – use it! And while your holding/wearing your shovel/hard hat, make sure that you are not wearing anything else! Then all you have to do is press D on your keyboard to dance, then you start shovelling/drilling, then you can find all pieces of the treasure.

There are 4 pieces to the treasure, and the treasure is quite cool! And if you see that tip which says at the bottom, try digging in different areas! They don’t mean try, they mean that each time you have found a part of the treasure, you have to move a bit to another piece of land… because you wouldn’t find all pieces just standing in one place, would you? Now when you’ve found all pieces, you open the cave!

Sweet or what? An Amethyst Pin! Pretty much like the Ruby Pin, except this is just… purple. Maybe there will be orange, and brown, and gold! But once you’ve retrieved your treasure, the boulder in the top corner under the Moderator badge will move away, and will lead into the Hidden Lake!

So here is the hidden lake! Not much to do here unless your a member… because for non-members, the journey’s ended! Go to the For Sale sign up the 4 stairs and buy the Deep Sea Diving Suit for the next stage – if your a member, anyway – and this costume only costs 50 coins! Wow, what a discount! But the Deep Sea Diving Suit when put on can also make you swim by pressing D on your keyboard!

Now you can enter the Underwater Room! Remember that this is a members-only room. And I got a friend of mine that’s a member to take these for me, so if you see the glass compartment to the other side of the room in the water, you can go to it and enter the room. When you’ve entered the room, you should be able to see the Coral Reef Background. Go get that. I found out that when you try walking around in the Underwater place, you move like when your in the Ice Rink.

Above you can see the Amethyst Pin, Deep Sea Diving Suit and the Coral Reef Background, all put on.  Now when you’ve got and completed the Cave Project slash Exhibition, there’s nothing else to it! You can go exploring in the cave again, or even steal some treasure from the Hidden Lake! These rooms will be closing soon, so you’d better get everything while you can!


1 Response to “Mine Project Begins at the Mine!”

  1. 1 Red boots 12 January 23, 2010 at 4:33 PM

    i wonder if that cave is going to be an underground river

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