Club Penguin’s Puffle Party 2010!

Club Penguin’s Puffle Party is finally here! The second year that the Puffle Party has took place – 2010! Last year’s Puffle Party was awesome, will this year’s Puffle Party be as equal as awesome as last year? Or will it be even more awesome than last year? Well, this start screen was revealed some days ago to advertise the Puffle Party, and as it says the party goes on from Friday, 19 February – Thursday, 25 February!

And there’s a new free item, aswell! I remember last year’s free item – the Puffle Bandanna. I’m always wearing it now – it was also located at the Cove, specially for the Red Puffle. Anyway, the new free item is the Puffle Hat and it’s located at the Plaza. It’s like a Peruvian Hat (or a Dappy Hat!)

I just realised that if you search “Puffle Party 2009” on Google Search (UK domain, I dunno about US), Club Penguin Pin’s post on last year’s Puffle Party will come up first! Cool, right? Now, I won’t make a specific tour-round like I did last year, but you can review last year’s post and see everything on there. Here is a list of all the puffle’s rooms:

  • The White Puffle room is at the Mine.
  • The Pink Puffle room is at the Iceberg.
  • The Black Puffle room is at the Underground Pool.
  • The Red Puffle room is at the Cove.
  • The Green Puffle room is at the Beacon.
  • The Blue Puffle room is at the Forest.
  • The Purple Puffle room is at the Night Club.

Next is the Puffle Show – note this is for members only! It’s located at the Ski Village, to the left of the Ski Lodge. You can go through it to enter the Puffle Show. This is basically a Pet Show, but they replaced pet with puffle. You can do lots of things for your puffles. All puffles accepted!

So here is the inside of the Puffle Show. You got Snacks near the entrance, but the official features in the Puffle Show are: a Judging table, a Puffle Grooming, and an Obstacle course. The Black Puffle is very lazy on the Obstacle, mind you. He’ll just stop near the beginning and walks across to the finish ramp and stick it’s tongue out. The Puffle Grooming includes different hairstyles which look cool.

There’s also a free item for members. It’s the Puffle Jacket and is very cool! It’s in hoodie-style, but isn’t actually a hoodie. If only this was available for non-members too, it would be cool. Oh well! It’s located near the Puffle Grooming section under the Yellow Puffle’s image.

And do you see that path and it says ”Puffle Feeding”, well enter it (both Members & Non-Member’s), and you will enter the Puffle Feeding Area. Wait for Puffles to come out of the holes, shoot a Snowball at them, and before getting there it will turn into a Puffle O and the Puffle will eat it!

Puffle Party 09 Puffle Feeding Area

If you miss or throw a Snowball other than a Puffle, it will splat, look what happens:

Puffle O Splat in Snow

And we haven’t forgotten the… White Puffle! Since it was introduced after last year’s Puffle Party – it had no room! But it does now! It’s room is the Mine, and boy is it cool! This is so far my favourite room after the Lighthouse and Night Club! It is in Ice Rink Mode, so if you walk over it you will slide like you do in the Ice Rink. The White Puffles skate and spin and skid, it’s so cool. The puffles on the top make clouds.

Here are some facts on the Puffle Party 2010 that you might of not known:

  • The Applause icon from the Music Jam was used
  • The balloons and banners will change according to the puffle you are walking.
  • There is a glitch that if you walk your puffle at the Dock,the balloons and banners won’t change.
  • This is the first party that will be officially be released on a Thursday, rather than a Friday, as BillybobBlog that the release time will change. announced on the
  • The Tour Booth was removed by mistake during the party, making penguins who wanted to become tour guides unhappy. But later the Club Penguin Team found out that they removed it by mistake, so they put it back.
  • The music was a remix of the 2 main musics of last year’s Puffle Party.
  • The balloons change color which ever puffle you are walking.
  • Many people go to the Ice Rink for the White Puffles but their room is actually the mine.

That’s it for now! This was Ninjinian posting on the Puffle Party 2010


6 Responses to “Club Penguin’s Puffle Party 2010!”

  1. 1 Red boots 12 February 23, 2010 at 3:51 PM

    In the newspaper they also said they saw a new puffle! I think its brown or orange.

  2. 2 Hitclubpenguin February 24, 2010 at 7:18 AM

    It looks like your struggling on your blog, I have not been doing much latly. If you need any help im here because It would be awesome if I could help you guys out.


  3. 4 Ninjinian February 25, 2010 at 8:11 PM

    Okay, your added – we’d like a bit of help – but if you go very inactive, and your posts aren’t good with awesome grammer and PNG pictures, you can be removed. If you do, please don’t whine.

  4. 5 Annie February 15, 2011 at 12:33 AM

    I love the jackets!

  5. 6 cheska October 10, 2011 at 6:22 PM

    do you have to be a member to enter this?

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