Club Penguin’s Orange Puffle is Out!

The Orange Puffle of Club Penguin is finally out after it appeared in the Box Dimension, Ski Lodge & at the Puffle Party. The official date for it’s release is actually tomorrow, February 26, but it’s been released early like some other things. According to the catalogue, you can go to the Pet Shop and check it’s page. It’s attitude is zany & curious – favourite toys are the box and wagon, and sleeps very deeply! You’ll see all that in action in a while.

First, you can click the ADOPT button and buy the Orange Puffle for 800 coins – sadly this is only for members. So you click ADOPT, and then click yes. After that, you can choose a name for your brand new Orange Puffle. After adoption, you’ll get a postcard which welcomes your Orange Puffle, and you can see that the orange puffle has been added onto there.

Now the actions – well, first. We’ll have a look at the Orange Puffle and go to the igloo. Click your Orange Puffle and check out it’s profile picture and details. It should be completely full when you buy your puffle, and then you can see the weird picture of the weird puffle. As all the other puffles, there is the Play button, the Sleep Button, the Food button & the walking button.

Now as it said in it’s profile, the Orange Puffle sleeps very deeply. Well, the way it works is that you click the Sleep button, and a pillow will appear. The Orange Puffle sees the pillow, and it’s eyes go very sleepy. Then it falls down onto the pillow, and drools as it sleeps very deeply.

In the newspaper, in the dot-to-dot – it kind of gave away one toy of the Orange Puffle – the wagon. The picture reveals the Orange Puffle on a green wagon. So, click the Play button, and a green wagon will appear – the puffle gets excited and jumps on the wagon, but then it’s wheels burst. So then a pump appears and it keeps jumping on the pump to increase the air, and then he rides it from left to right… or right to left.


3 Responses to “Club Penguin’s Orange Puffle is Out!”

  1. 1 Mr Dunning February 25, 2010 at 11:19 PM

    AWESOME post :d could I become part of ur site
    I know how to take screenshots and everything
    plz consider
    ~Mr Dunning~

  2. 2 redboots12 February 28, 2010 at 5:20 PM

    guess he’d rather play with the box instead of the ball… me too!

  3. 3 dawson April 21, 2010 at 4:40 AM

    i bought a red and blue puffle but i can not buy eaither one again.why.

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