Penguin Play Awards


Hello Penguins,

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Penguins of all ages. The most star-studded and anticipated event of the year has just arrived on Club Penguin. The Penguin Play Awards! This is where you get to show off all of your fancy clothes and strut your stuff down the Red Carpet. Take a look at what the Plaza looks like outside.

Isn’t this cool? Show off your glitz and glam and get all the paparazzi Penguins taking photos of you at every angle. Now, here is how to vote for your favourite Plays:

  1. Log Onto Club Penguin
  2. Go To The Plaza
  3. Click On The Voting Booth

Now, click ‘Continue’ and a screen will pop up. You now vote for your favourite plays. Here is what I have chosen.

Now, just click ‘Submit’ and you are done. Hope you enjoy voting for you favourite plays. I know I did.

When you’ve done enjoying yourself outside and want to relax, take a walk into the Stage. This is where the Penguin Play Awards really happen. Watch videos from the projector over head of all the candidates and see which one you like the best.

The Stage is the highlight of the wonderful event. But, if you want to get away from it all, go Backstage to see what goes on Behind the Scenes. There are Chocolate Fountains,  Dressing Tables and so much more. This room is only for Members.

This is the place to be. Also, pick up your own Penguin Play Award statues by just walking over to the table Backstage and get your own camera by walking over and getting it. You don’t want to miss one of these.

Now, to go with the Penguin Play Awards, there is a Catalog with bits of costumes from all 5 Plays. There are Squidzoid Costumes, Fairy Costume and much more. Take a look at the Front Cover.

Now, there are some cheats in this Catalog. Want to see them, of course you do.

  • To Get The Penguin Awards Background, Click The Statue – Page 3
  • To Get The Lobster Costume, Click The Tube On The Underwater Adventure Sign – 7
  • To Get The Squidzoid Costume, Click The ‘V.S’ In The Squidzoid Name – Page 10

Also, you can get a free item at the Dock. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Walk over to wear the Press Hats are and pick one up. They are pretty cool you got to admit. Look.

Cool, right? Have you seen the mountain lately? It’s turned into a Interviewing Station. It’s awesome. Take a look.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get onto that Red Carpet, chill out in the Stage or hang with your Friends Backstage. Have fun at the Penguin Play Awards.

Thank You


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