Club Penguin’s April Fools Party 2010!

The annual Club Penguin April Fools Party of 2010 has finally arrived! It has come a day early, on Wednesday, March 30, instead of Thursday, April 1 – so, for a while before myself and Drake1313 realized that Club Penguin were renovating the island for the party, we got ready for the post! There’s a free item for non-members, a free item for members, and including a members-only room which Drake 1313 has got for us. Let’s just start off with the non-member free item:

Free Item

So the free item is located at the Dock – all you gotta do is throw snowballs at the board you see next to the sign that says ”Throw Paint Earn Item” with the arrow pointing right to the board. A picture will develop of a treasure chest. Then a Red Propeller will come out of the board and land on a kind of landing with a spring, which will come out of the ground that is to the right of the board.

Then you got the Red Propeller Cap! I think this was the free item for the April Fools Party 2 years ago – I do not remember, but it has been brought back again. It is the same function as the Blue Propeller Hat, so you basically press CTRL + D, then instead of dancing you start hovering off the ground.

Tour Round

Now for the ”tour round” – this is when I go around the island, and check out all the rooms! Some I have not included because they either have boring designs, or are not decorated at all – this includes the Coffee Shop, Book Room, Ski Village, Lodge, Attic, Sports Shop, Mountain, Cove, Beacon, Courtyard, and possibly some more. First is the Town! Really cool! The Coffee Shop and Gift Shop have gone transparent! When you go inside and look out the door, you can see blue instead of the snow.

The Night Club… my favourite room, but not for the party. It is cool, though. There are red and white decorations everywhere, and a banner saying ”APRIL FOOLS!” – and check out the floor! It has become a tennis court… kind of (if it has a proper name comment please!) – and the Green Puffle has been replaced with the Black Puffle. Now the Boiler Room entrance is on the left speaker, not the right.

This is quite annoying, but every time you come out of a room by taking the main door, you end up at the Iceberg. This is for most rooms, so if you fall for it… APRIL FOOLS!

The Snow Forts has basically melted, kind off. There are springy arrows everywhere, some balloons, and a set of ”chattering teeth” – what you see is a very big door in front of the Ice Rink. This is labelled ”A SILLY PLACE” – this is the members room we were talking about before. It has six, I think, doors to enter, then a strip of parchment rolls down over the door to reveal the ”real door”.

Then the Forest is certainly all topsy turvy! It has flipped, seriously! This was in the sneak peak that was posted by Billybob, and it is quite cool, but certainly confusing, right? The stairs are the entrance from the Plaza, I think. Basically it’s the other way round!

Then the Iceberg is where all the mysterious teleporting doors lead to. You can see that there is a sign that links to that predicament – you can click the poster to see more messages. There is a box that eats smaller boxes, a box that spits out water up, and a submarine box!

Then the Beach is very weird, indeed. The door has literally come off the Lighthouse and is in the middle of the room. Probably one of Gary’s weird teleporters, right? You got the changing boxes aswell – a box that melts and one that flys away, and a box that wears different clothing. Tried clicking the outside of the Lighthouse and see some new background…

You click the Lighthouse and the background changes from the clouds to something new. Below is the current scenery, and when it changes it becomes… wood, I think. Anyone know what it is really supposed to be? I dunno if this breaks the Fourth Wall or not, but Gary must of thought of some math 😀

Next is a kind of space-themed scenery – with the stars, dark-purple sky and Saturn, and you can see all that from where tiny me is sitting. The last one is… a brick wall, I’m sure it’s a brick wall 😀 — very unusual, right? I really wanna see a brick wall… guess I got April Fooled!

Go inside and see that the stage has been cleared and the pictures on the walls are upside down. And there is red and white everywhere. The place has a lot of boxes – and when you hover your house on the one at the top, a Green Puffle will come out and go through in and out of all of them – might be the Keeper of the Boiler Room messing around with his newly found Propeller Hat!

Member’s Room

The member’s room can be accessed from the Snow Forts (see above), and is called the Silly Place. Members will go in and see lots of things – there’s a giant throne, a ”Tell a Joke” stage, with seats in front, a cannon that shoots out bowling pins (you can see a bowling pin flying across to the left of the picture) – I haven’t been able to experience it but I got an SWF picture of it.

There is also a free item for members – it is just above the cannon on the right in the snow. I heard that it’s hard to get because it’s on a spring. It’s called the King Jester Hat – we’ve had jester hats before, but this is for the King Jester! You can then click ”Yes” when you got it, it’ll go in your Inventory in the Head Items section.

I think that the party will end on Tuesday, April 6, according to the Club Penguin Wiki. So you got just less than a week to enjoy the party. This has been Ninjinian and Drake1313 posting today – hope you enjoyed it. If we’ve missed anything, give us a shout-out via comment, we’ll reply and mention you too. Be sure to check out Drake’s site
for a giveaway and his hits party!


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