EXCLUSIVE: Club Penguin Black Puffle Merchandise

Many bloggers have posted on this, and so am I! Yes, this is Ninjinian, posting on the brand new Club Penguin merchandise that’s leaked onto the Internet! Now there are 4 new items which we haven’t posted about, but there is 1 item that was posted by Hitclubpenguin a while ago… do you remember what it was? Now I’ve put my watermark on all of these images, and if you go to other blogs you’ll see smaller versions, the below are quality images! And I didn’t want them getting stolen. So here they are – the descriptions that are in ”quote-form” are the actual description for the item, so if you see the similar on other sites, each item has the same description!

Club Penguin Backpack

The first item that was leaked is the Club Penguin Backpack (official name for it!) and I quite like it! It’s a classical bag with two zip pockets, and it’s got a Black Puffle on fire design on it, along with a Blue Puffle under the smaller zip compartment. Very cool bag, I’d say. The price for the item is £12.00 – I am unsure on American prices. That is a very good price, coming from a British who knows his GB pounds! The official description for the item is directly below, along with an image for the Backpack!

Now Club Penguin fans can transport their belongings with puffle power thanks to this nylon backpack. It features striking puff print and metallic character artwork, a zip fastening main section and front pocket plus adjustable shoulder straps. H41xW33cm approx. Suitable for children aged 3yrs+

Club Penguin Cap

The next item we are going to look at is the Club Penguin Cap – it’s got the same design as the Backpack, as I think they are both supposed to match, as are all of the items! There are quite a few sizes for this, but I do not think it would fit on kids older than 16 properly. The image may be quite big, but the item comes out smaller, don’t they? Well, it actually on the size you get, but hey! The price for the item is £6.00 – that’s a good price too! Unsure about American price – check the image and description below 😉

Club Penguin may be usually associated with snowy scenery, but this cap, with an adjustable rear tab, is seriously hot summer wear thanks to that blazing puffle design in a flocked outline. 100% cotton.

Club Penguin Wallet

Now this is cool! A wallet to hold your cash in! Cool, right? There was no inside image for this, but the description describes the compartments inside. You can put your notes in there, cards, coins and a card.It’s also got the size for the wallet – I suspect it to be very small, but you can try measuring for yourself, right? The price for the item is £5.00 – I call that a bargain! This is a very cheap and is at a very cheap price – check the picture and description just below!

They can carry their pennies and pounds with puffle power inside this Velcro fastening nylon wallet, emblazoned with Club Penguin artwork. Inside is a banknote sleeve, two card slots, a zip-up coin section and a photo window. H8xW13cm approx. Suitable for children aged 3yrs+

Club Penguin Converses/Sneakers/Shoes

Now this is the item that Hitclubpenguin had posted a while ago here on Club Penguin Pins – and basically, here in England, we call these shoes ”converses” – you can search it on Google Images and you’ll find similar images to the one below. I think Americans call them ”sneakers”, but the item I viewed it was named ”shoes”, but ”converses” sounds better and it’s more detail on what type the shoes are, so I’ll stick with that name. The price for this item is £15.00 – a reasonable price for shoes. So check out the description and image below!

Our Club Penguin baseball style shoes offer a blazing new look for summer. They combine a thick rubber sole and toe with a lightweight canvas upper, decorated with metallic character print and finished with chunky laces.

Very Exclusive Item!

Now there is an item which, I believe, nobody has posted about! Maybe there are just a couple that have beaten me to it, but all the popular sites, nope! Yes, I am talking about a very cool (and soft) item. Want it? I’ve got an image and an official description on it too..

Club Penguin Towel

It’s a Club Penguin Towel! I’ll update this soon, but here you go: It is 12 pounds!

Red puffles certainly are adventurous. This one is happy to leave the snowy world of Club Penguin behind and accompany little ones to the seaside on this bold, super fluffy beach towel. H152xW76cm approx.

Like the items? If I could, I’d certainly buy the wallet and the cap, and the backpack, and the converses 😀 — after a day’s of shopping, this would all cost £38.00 – wow! I think this would all be much expensive in America – if you bought maybe one or two, you’d only be spending less than £20, but if you bought the most expensive items there – the converses and the backpack, you’d spend £27 – all this adding is confusing my brain, comment on what you think ;)!

If you include the towel, altogether it’s… 50 pounds!

6 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Club Penguin Black Puffle Merchandise”

  1. 2 Skyla115 May 10, 2010 at 6:56 PM

    I would have the converse and the towel

  2. 3 Rockhopper May 19, 2010 at 1:16 AM

    I Miss Club Penguin

  3. 4 Hot Jazz June 6, 2010 at 4:32 PM

    I Have The Club Penguin Hat! It Rocks!

  4. 5 DIANA July 17, 2010 at 5:04 PM


  5. 6 Lisa Anderson July 9, 2011 at 4:57 PM

    Help! My son saw the images and has to have the backpack and shoes, oh and hat! I live in America, do you know where we can order them? Pricing? Signed,
    Christopher, soon to be 1st grader

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