Penguin Times Issue #234

Hi everyone Hitclubpenguin here giving you the latest on the Penguin Times issue 234.

First up, a new party will be coming to the shores of Club Penguin. Earth Day is on the 22 and Club Penguin is going to celebrate. Gary the Gadget Guy stated that he may even create a new invention, something to do with a Recycling Center.

To support Earth Day, the better igloos catalog will be only produceing Earth friendly things for your igloo. All not baught items from last months igloos catalog will be recycled into new things in this months.

This weeks In Focus is about sizzling sports and this In Focus has 0% Herbert 🙂

Now for this weeks upcomming events:

  • Quest For the Golden Puffle: At the Stage now
  • New Postcards: April 9
  • April 16: New Better Igloos catalog and Igloo Upgrades

Well thats it for now.


1 Response to “Penguin Times Issue #234”

  1. 1 lego forest April 16, 2010 at 9:57 PM

    mabey recycling center for members?

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