EPF Field-Ops: Mission 1

They have indeed arrived… EPF Field-Ops have come to the Spy Phone and are available to access by going to the EPF Command Room. Where it said ”REPORT FOR DUTY” – the yellow screen – Field-Ops are there now instead. You can click it and begin! The whole cheats are available right here on Club Penguin Pins! First click your EPF Phone. It’ll look like it’s ringing and it goes red.

This message will pop-up saying: “NEW FIELD-OP AVAILABLE” – “Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders.” – then click Go There and you’ll then be teleported to the EPF Command Room – where you’ll start your first ever Field-Op! Excited? It’s quite an easy task, but you’ll see…

This is how Field-Ops symbol looks on your Spy Phone.

The Command Room is packed with loads of agents getting ready for their first ever Field-Op! Are you ready? Go to the yellow screen and click it.

This message will be shown on the screen when you’ve clicked it. It gives you orders from G, Technology Specialist – telling you that Herbert has concealed a highly dangerous popcorn device “near a big letter S” – work together to find it and shut it down with your Spy Phone! Click ACCEPT FIELD-OP and then quickly head to the Town.

When you’re at the Town go walk to the Night Club where it says “Disco” – and you can see that there is the big S. When you’ve walked there, you’re Spy Phone head will turn green and flash as if it’s ringing – this signifies that you’ve found the target and this is where Herbert has planted the highly dangerous device. Click your phone.

Location found. You have to destroy the circuits by matching the circuit symbols to overload the wiring. You only got 1 minute to do it. If you don’t get it, I’ll explain, so scroll down.

So if you don’t get it… look below. See the red dots? If you over you’re mouse on each one, there will either be a triangle, square, rhombus, circle or pause icon. There are 2 of each of them – and you basically have to match them. Click a triangle one, then hover your mouse on the others and find the other triangle one and click it and you’ve fused that one… then move on to the next one.

Here are all the circuits blown up.

And then when you’ve done that you get a message saying; ”Good work agent. The island is safe for now. Medal earned.” – TOTAL: 1 – but you haven’t actually got the medal in your inventory! So before you click OK, click Elite Gear. If you forget and click OK, never mind… you can obtain it later.

So if you didn’t click Elite Gear then, click your Spy Phone and you’ll see above the Teleport button and to the left of the Field-Ops button – that Elite Gear button is there. Click it and you’ll be taken to the menu.

This is you’re menu. Under where it says Starter Gear, click where it says “EPF Earpiece” and then click OK when it asks if you wish to obtain the item. Then it’s in your inventory in your Head Items, and you can put it on!

The earpiece looks small when you put it on… wonder why… anyway, the next Field-Ops will be coming… when? Next week, perhaps? I forgot.. or maybe I just don’t know — I’ve forgotten if I even knew that I knew when the next Field-Op is coming =P – this was Ninjinian posting on the Field-Ops today – another post is coming straight away!

2 Responses to “EPF Field-Ops: Mission 1”

  1. 1 BleXon June 15, 2010 at 8:57 PM

    I’m not happy,you must change the kap -______-………

  2. 2 danielle July 3, 2010 at 5:13 AM

    i cant find find it

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