Club Penguin’s Island Adventure Party 2010!

The Island Adventure Party of 201o has arrived today, gracefully! It has started and there are a lot of things to go through! First there is a Paper Boat Hunt to complete – and you can win two free items by completing that Hunt. It’s all here, on Club Penguin Pins! First off, just to let you know – like all hunts – there is a inventory for all the boats you’ve got in your top-right corner.

Scavenger Hunt Cheats:

The first boat is at the Forest, near the giant rock that is hiding the entrance to the Hidden Lake. Here is the description: “The campfire’s roaring, the tea is poured, and in the bushes the boat is stored.” So this is you’re first boat to collect, but there are 7 more boats to collect.

“Blue flags are flying on this sandy shore, the boat is anchored above a door. Your 2nd boat is located at the Beach above the Lighthouse as you can see in the picture below – you have now collected 2 boats – you now have 6 more boats to collect! Continue down to find more boats!

Pirate ships battle! Cannon balls whoosh! This boats taking cover behind a bush! Your 3rd boat is at the Snow Forts behind a bush near the Stadium. Now only 5 more boats to collect, you’ve collected 3 boats so far!

To find this boat, you must begin, underground where mermaids swim. Your 4th boat which is located in the Hidden Lake above the “Mermaid Cove” sign. To get there by shortcut, go to the Forest and hover your cursor over the big boulder – it moves and reveals a secret passage to the Hidden Lake! Or lake the long way by going to the Shack.

To find this boat without a scuffle, look to the bandana of a pirate puffle.Your 5th boat is at the Plaza, above the puffle on the Pet Shop sign. You’ve found 5 boats, now only 3 to go!

To find this next boat just look up, inside a giant wooden cup. Your 6th boat which is at the Town located in the giant cup next to the Coffee Shop sign. You’ve found 6 out of 8 boats… you’re getting very close to your prizes!

This next boat’s high up in the air, hidden near a revolving chair. Your 7th boat is obviously at the Ski Village, above the Tour Guide booth near the lantern that is hanging – now only 1 more boat to collect, you ready?

This last boat’s been in a tree awhile, hidden on a deserted isle.Your 8th and final boat is at the Iceberg on the tree under the leaves and palms. This is you’re last boat! Now get ready to collect your first prize and then follow instructions to get your second prize!

Now that you have collected all the paper boats you have to put all of the pieces of paper together, to make a map which will show you the X marks the spot at the Cove. Here is a picture by Ninjinian explaining which part goes where with red arrows. Just choose a picture and use your finger to follow the arrow to which space each one goes to! And then here is the map finally finished!

Then when you are done and you see the final version, you’ll get a note saying “X marks the spot where a prize can be found, you must use your tools to dig up the ground”. – do you know what you can use? Scroll down to find out you’re first prize and then you’re second prize! Note that this note is the instructions on how to get the second item.

After you create your map you will get a free background called the Treasure Cove Background! This is prize one of your two prizes! Now as the instructions say above… you have to follow those and then you’ll get your second prize!

Then you can go to the Cove and use a Hard Hat to on the Purple/Red X to find the all new white Puffle Bandana. All it is, basically is a Black Puffle Bandana inverted, I think. Ninjinian prefers the black one, to see it scroll down. I do not know if you can use a shovel to dig it up. Comment if you can!

Also in the Tree Forts, members can find the marooned outfit at the left side of the fort.

Tour Round:

Town: This is the town, here you can enjoy a coffee,  dance a jig at the Night Club, and by the best clothing items for adventuring, from the Gift Shop. The Coffee Shop, Book Room, Dance Lounge and Gift Shop have not been decorated.

Night club: Dance to the jungle beats at the Night club, Look lively shipmates, It is the perfect place for a sailors jig.

Snow Forts: Get your sailing practice here, these sailing forts are great for snowball fights, ready aim fire. The Stadium is not decorated.

Plaza: Here we are at the plaza, Its a pirates playground, Adopt a shipmate at the Pet Shop, watch the play Ruby and the Ruby. The Pizza Parlour, The Stage and the Pet Shop are not decorated.

The Forest: Welcome to the forest where sailors set up camp, climb up the tree to visit the tree forts, or push the rock to discover a secret place. The Mine Shack and the Recycling Plant are not decorated.

The Cove: This is the Pirates Cove, Here pirates can play Catchin Waves, tell tales of there travels or walk the plank to the Pirate Ship.

Iceberg: Were shipwrecked on the Iceberg, there is only one thing to do, lets throw a party.

The Dock: Welcome to the dock, here sailors come to plan their voyages, sail away on the Hydro Hopper, or rest and enjoy some tea.

Beach: Weigh anchor sailors welcome to the beach, where the ships captains study the area, jump on deck and prepare for an epic sea battle. The Lighthouse, Beacon, Dojo, Dojo Courtyard, Ninja Hideout, and the Fire Dojo are not decorated.

Ski Village: Welcome to the Pirates village, here you will find the Ski Hill and the Boating lodge, and an average Everyday Phoning Facility.The Ski Lodge, The Ski Hill, The Everyday Phoning Facility, EPF HQ, The VR room and the Loge Attic are not decorated.

Hidden Lake: Wow this must be the hidden lake, its a mermaids treasure trove, i wonder where the jewels came from,  this ladder leads to the forrest. To enter the underwater door, you need to find the hidden key. The underwater room, Cave Mine, Mine, Underground Pool and the Boiler Room are not decorated.

Members only Battle Ship Arena:

In this room, Member pirates and Captains battle it out on their very own pirate ships. If you are a Pirate, throw snowballs into the bucket parts of your cannon to damage the other ship while Captains have to stand on one of the three pressure pads to damage the pirates ship. When you ship has a water spirt, use a Jackhammer to stop the water from getting into the boat. Captains can access this area by going to the beach and clicking the little boat near the two posh chairs to access their ship. While pirates will see the same thing but at the Cove near the X marks the spot.

Well we hope you have enjoyed Hitclubpenguin’s and Ninjinian’s very long post about the Island Adventure Party 2010. Everyday during the party I will be on the server Deep Snow as Sunnysafe, I will have a buddy add as well. I hope you all enjoy the party. You might see Ninjinian as “Disc Jockey” – his account to add more buddies on because his default account is currently full – so watch out for us! 😉


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  1. 1 ДLIЯФCКS22 June 26, 2010 at 7:57 PM

    Hey! Cool Post!

    Can I please copy your Battle Ship Arena paragraph?

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