EXCLUSIVE: Music Jam 2010 V.I.P. Backstage Pass!

Club Penguin Pins bring you an exclusive look at Club Penguin’s new V.I.P. Backstage Pass for the Music Jam 2010! Now the membership page has been updated for July 2010, and here’s what it all says below! You can access a lot with the membership badge this month! There is:

  • Get your All Access Pass and party inside exclusive rooms like the new Casa Fiesta and Backstage.
  • Customize your band with instruments and outfits.
  • Upgrade your exclusive EPF gear when you earn Field Ops medals.

A lot is coming up this month in July 2010 – Music Jam, Field-Ops, and a lot more! As it says there’ll be a new room called the Casa Fiesta. Here’s the exclusive V.I.P. Backstage Pass you get as a member when you purchase it. You can see a penguin wearing this on the membership page.

History of Backstage Passes

Here is some history on the Music Jam V.I.P. Backstage Passes – it is all seen in the picture below – if you can’t read the description properly, then I’ll just type it up… or click the image to make it bigger and read it from there. This is just in case you forgot about the old passes. There’s also some extra news on the 2010 pas, so read all that too! Please do not take this information without permission.


  • Available at the Music Jam 2008 – it is a neck item and was used to get Backstage for members only. It cost 50 coins and was found at Snow Forts…


  • Available at the Music Jam 2009 – it is a neck item and was used to get Backstage for members only. It cost 50 coins and was found at Snow Forts…


  • Will be at the Music Jam 2010 as a neck item to get Backstage and to enter the Casa Fiesta (which means “Party House”) – it will be for members only, will cost 50 coin and will probably be at the Snow Forts.

I like this new V.I.P. Backstage Pass – and if you didn’t know, I had won a 1-month membership from a contest on a forum – but this just doesn’t benefit me… it benefits Club Penguin Pins too. Why? Well there’ll be quicker members-only pictures – e.g. the member rooms, the items, the pass, etc. I’ll be activating it soon. Ninjinian is out 😉


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