Club Penguin’s Music Jam 2010!

The Music Jam 2010 is finally here on Club Penguin, starting today on July 8, 2010! Now first of all I want to show you how to get the non-member free item! This item is located at the Cove and is called the Blue Headphones! So go grab it and put them on!


Now here are the members-only features of the Music Jam 2010. First you gotta buy the All Access Pass, which there is a stall both in the Ski Village and Snow Forts. You can buy it for 50 coins.

After you’ve gone to one of the two stalls, you can buy the All Access Pass for 50 coins, and also buy some T-Shirts if you want to – but the shirts are the same as last year – so most members might have the T-Shirts anyway. So buy anything – but don’t forget the All Access Pass!


Put the All Access Pass on you around your neck and enter Backstage. We’ll get to the brand new Casa Fiesta very soon! Enter from either the Casa Fiesta room, or from the Dock. There’s a hidden door on the stage.

Then grab the free Music Jam Shirt – it’s red and looks cool! Try it and be sure to collect it, members! Before you run out of time! But you got quite a while to get all the items.

Just so you know, here is the All Access Pass on your card and in your inventory – zoomed in version. Another version of the player card will be available but with me wearing the Music Jam Shirt instead.

While Backstage, you can check out the Music Catalog! You can buy Conga Drums for 300 coins – a Tuba for 600 coins and a Blue Electric Guitar for 550 coins. There might be cheats but I haven’t checked yet. There will be more instruments available from July 15th!

Casa Fiesta

Now with the All Access Pass around your neck and in your inventory – you can enter the brand new members-only room.. the Casa Fiesta. Which means “Party House” translated from Spanish to English. There is a room next to the Ski Lodge and where the Tour Guide booth should be (which has now moved). Enter from there. Or you can even enter the room from Backstage!

This is the room in the inside. There are no items to get here, but you can sure have a lot of fun here and hang out with all your member buddies. There’s a door which leads you to Backstage – you can use that if you wanna get Backstage instead of using the entrance from the Dock.


Now the Rooftop is the last members-room we need to see. First there was Backstage, Casa Fiesta and now the Rooftop. You also need the All Access Pass for this. To get to the room, you gotta enter the Night Club and go up the stairs to the Dance Lounge. There’s a door underneath your newspaper icon, which you can use to enter the Rooftop.

Once entered, here is how the Rooftop looks like. Click the screens to change the image – and you can even change the music with the Music Player 3000! Get funky on the dancefloor with your mates and play your instruments! Here you can get the very cool item… the Boombox! And with it you can breakdance!

And here are some sequences of the break-dancing, in zoom:

Well that’s it for the Music Jam 2010! Club Penguin Pins have showed you everything and gave you all the cheats on what’s going on this year with the Music Jam! We gave you exclusives and loads of news! So keep visiting, and also leave some comments for us on what you think of the Music Jam and post. This was Ninjinian posting the Music Jam cheats – see ya 😉


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