Penguin Style Aug ’10 Catalog Cheats

After a really long wait with all my buddies on Twitter, the August 2010 edition of the Penguin Style has finally arrived! Club-Penguin-Pins are here to give you the latest cheats that are in store for you. We got some other things to show you about the Penguin Style at the end too, but for now… the first cheat is to click the mountain top to the right of the lime green penguin on the first page for the Green Hiking Boots (325 coins).

Second cheat is to click the lime green penguin’s foot on the first page for the Lasso (150 coins).

Third cheat is to click the tree top on top of the brown penguin’s beak for the Blue Duck (50 coins). That’s right! If  you don’t have the duck, and you wanted to get the stamp… now you can!

Fourth cheat is to click the same brown penguin’s eye for the Mountain Climber Gear (550 coins) and the Hiking Boots (325 coins).

Old Cheats

Fifth cheat is to click the top of the tree for the 3D-Glasses (50 coins).

Sixth cheat is to click the penguin who’s wearing the light-yellow shirt’s foot for the Acoustic Sunburst Guitar (500 coins).

Seventh cheat is to click the first button on the speaker for the Supernova Suit (850 coins).

Eighth cheat is to click the second button on the speaker for The Rocker (750 coins).

Ninth cheat is to click the button on the speaker on the right-side of the page for the Blue Sunglasses (150 coins).

Tenth cheat is to click the small speaker hooked to the metal stage pole for the Purple Electric Bass (550 coins).

Eleventh cheat is to click the inside of the piano for the Red Sunglasses (150 coins).

Twelfth cheat is to click the right tiki-head in the background for the Trombone (500 coins).

Thirteenth cheat is to click the brown Penguins At Work guy’s beak for The Shock Wave wig (550 coins), Spikester Cuffs (170 coins), Pink Polka-dress (350 coins) and the Black Checkered Shoes (300 coins).

Fourteenth and fifteenth cheats is to click the bubble in the bottom-middle for the Red Viking Helmet (750 coins) – then open and close 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet (1200 coins).

Sixteenth cheat is to click the bowl of grapes for The Dutchess (400 coins), and the Dutchess’ Dress (550 coins).

Seventeenth cheat is to click the table leg under the bowl of grapes for the green Dragon Costume (1000 coins).

And the last and eighteenth cheat cheat is to click the bottom of the first curtains for the Beautiful Braid (400 coins) and the Emerald Dress (550 coins). Now we got two sections of the Penguin Style to show you:

Custom T-Shirt

The customize-your-T-shirt section has a new edition! In fact, two new additions! And a new colour! The new colour is orange, but I don’t know the names of the two new designs, but they sure are awesome! Below is the first of the new designs, the pattern is quite unique, and we have pictures in all colours! Which most sites don’t do!

And here is the second design pictures – it’s not as nice as the first new design, and doesn’t look good in other colours, just black. So have a look at the pictures below – comments are appreciated on what you think of these two new Custom T-Shirt designs and colour. 😉


As always in a new Penguin Style catalog there comes new backgrounds, which are 60 coins each. The top right one is called the Cave Entrance Background, the one next to it is the Whirlpool Background. The bottom right one is the Lace Background, and the last one is called the Plaid Background. I think two of them are new, but I’m not sure.

This post has been extremely long, with 18 cheats altogether, along with 4 new cheats in that total – and Club-Penguin-Pins had sections other sites wouldn’t have in Penguin Style posts – the new Backgrounds and Custom T-Shirts sections! This has been Ninjinian posting this month’s Penguin Style catalog.


3 Responses to “Penguin Style Aug ’10 Catalog Cheats”

  1. 2 Mrkrabs987™ August 6, 2010 at 11:55 AM

    Awesome Post Ninji 😉


  2. 3 autumn August 18, 2010 at 3:19 PM

    i love this website its asam right

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