New Fall Fair Start Screen + Item Exclusive!

There’s a new Club Penguin start screen that you can see when you log in. It is for the Fall Fair aka The Fair now that will be starting on September 3rd. The description on the screen says ”Play games to win prizes galore!” – that’s right, you’ll be able to play games and earn tickets to win prizes!

I noticed in the start screen two items that the penguins are wearing, and I’ve never seen them before! One of them looks similar to another item that was available in the Fall Fair last year – and another item which looks brand new too. The first one is a hat that looks like the Stripy Purple Hat that was available last year – this year it might be called the Stripy Red Hat or Stripy Yellow Hat.

And this is the other item I saw in the start screen. It is a head item like the one above, and looks like a sort of Flower Hat. It looks like it’s been made with balloons, but the flower on the top looks real.

So what do you think of the new start screen and cool exclusive items? I hope I’m not wrong and that they are actually new items that will be available at prize booths at the Fall Fair this year, don’t you? This has been Ninjinian posting the new Fall Fair start screen and exclusive item peak 😉


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