Club Penguin’s Fall Fair 2010 Party!

Hey, penguins! Guess what!? The Fall Fair, aka Fair is finally here! We were all eagerly waiting for the Fall Fair on Twitter, and now it is finally here! Club-Penguin-Pins have all the cheats and a full guide to help you during the Fall Fair! Read on to learn more about this year’s fair!

Click the ticket in the top-right corner to learn all about the tickets and how to get them! Remember, if you collect tickets and log off, they will disappear! Now you play the games and earn the tickets, them go to the Prize Booth at the Forest and exchange for items!

Now that we have the introduction + tickets sorted out… to the Prize Booth!

Prize Booth

Head to the Forest to play Puffle Paddle, buy items at the Prize Booth and check out The Great Puffle Circus! This year at the booth there are a lot of cool new items to buy! We’ll have a rundown and a list of all the items soon, but for now you can have a peak at what’s inside the booth:

So here are item pictures and list of them, just in case you needed them:

  • Popcorn Pin – 50 tickets
  • Balloon Flower Hat – 110 tickets
  • Red and Yellow Stripey Hat – 150 tickets
  • Fair Background – 50 tickets

There are more items coming very soon! Now to The Great Puffle Circus!

The Great Puffle Circus

The entrance to the circus is at the Forest, near the Prize Booth. Only members can enter the circus – here you can see puffles perform acts, and it was here last year and is pretty cool! Let’s take a look inside:

Looks like the same as last year basically! There’s a booth here too! Members can redeem even more items with tickets in here! Let’s have a look at the cool items you can get! Check out the picture below!

Here is the list of the current items you can buy and how much they are:

  • Ice Cream Cone – 75 tickets
  • Clown Wig – 200 tickets
  • Clown Suit – 300 tickets
  • Clown Shoes – 150 tickets
  • Cotton Candy – 75 tickets

So here is how The Great Puffle Circus looks like from the inside before the choosing puffle act panel comes up – there’s the yellow puffle ringmaster, and you can see the Green Puffle doing his act too.

The Orange Puffle is a new act this year – and he is called The Munching Marvel – basically, all he does is appear in a tiny circus car, drives around a bit in it, steps out of it and eats the car. Lol, very nice act!

Now we will move onto the games that you can play to earn tickets:

Game Booths

There are a lot of games you can play to earn tickets. Let’s start at the Dock! There are two games here this year – unlike in 2008 where you had the Grab and Spin game (which was my favourite) – they removed it cause of a cheating glitch. We’ll start off with Ring the Bell and Puffle Shuffle!

For Ring the Bell, you press and hold the mouse button to aim, then release the mouse once you’ve reached your desired strength. The highest amount of tickets you can get in one game is 25 games, which you get for being the strongest. This is one of the best games to get tickets.

Now for Puffle Shuffle. There are three hats, and under them are one puffle each. They get moved around and you need to guess which coloured puffle is hiding under which hat. You have 4 lives. You lose one each time you make a wrong guess.

More games coming very soon!

Wow, all that posting in one post! Well the Fall Fair goes on until September 12th, and in that time you can enjoy all these mini-games, earn tickets, redeem prizes with the tickets, watch puffles perform and even meet Rockhopper! New items will be coming next week so stay tuned. This has been Ninjinian posting the Fall Fair cheats! 😉


1 Response to “Club Penguin’s Fall Fair 2010 Party!”

  1. 1 Sky September 3, 2010 at 1:12 PM

    Its awesome! I hardly ever play Club Penguin anymore but when I heard about this party I was up and out of bed! Brings back the good old days when I was still a member and i was pretty much obsessed with Club Penguin. Now i would rather buy stuff that’s not worthless…

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