Club Penguin’s Halloween Party 2010!

The Halloween Party has finally arrived (at 10:50pm UK time) after many delays with bugs. Now the party is finally here, and there is a lot to post. We’ll start off with the Candy Hunt! Club-Penguin-Pins have the answers to the Candy Hunt for you to make it easy!

So first of all, click the Candy Bag in the top-right corner next to the Moderator Badge to start off. Currently you’ve found no treats, and there are 8 treats to collect. Each time you collect a treat, it will appear in the space it’s supposed to be in. In the bottom-right corner there will be clues to help you find each treat.

Note: if you log off, you’re candy will vanish when you log back on.

So the first treat’s clue is “The hunt begins, you’re on your way, Start searching where the starfish lay.” – this is at the Beach, near the entrance to the Dock, behind the tree. Click the chocolate bar – it will pop out. Click it again and then it will be added to your basket. Now onto the second treat!

The second treat’s clue is “The next one’s hidden out of sight, Overlooking a snowball fight.” – this one is an egg and is located at the Snow Forts, behind the trees next to the path to the Town. Click it and then click it again for it to be added to your basket. Now let’s move on to the third treat.

The third treat’s clue is “To find the next hidden delight, Look far away, near glowing light.” – this one is a lollipop and is located at the Iceberg (or as I call it, the Pumpkinberg), behind the stem near the aura lights. Click the lollipop then click it again to be added to your basket. You’ve found three treats so far.

The fourth treat’s clue is: “Through monster costumes you must dig. This one will make you flip your wig.” – this one means that it is at the Gift Shop, under the first wig on the shelf. You only have to click it once and it will be added into your basket. Half-way done, now there are 4 more treats left.

The fifth treat’s clue is: “Now try to find a cheesy scent, Then search a spooky instrument.” – cheesy scent represents pizza, meaning the Pizza Parlour. The instruments the organ inside it. This treat is a pumpkin sweet, and is hanging from the organ, to the left of it. Now only three more to go.

The sixth treat’s clue is: You’ll find the candy you adore, Where the ninja shadow was before.” – there was a ninja shadow in one of the mirrors at the Ski Lodge last year, remember it? Well the box treat is located in that same mirror. The mirror is above the fireplace and below your basket. Click it twice.

The seventh treat’s clue is:A witch has used this candy to, Improve the flavor of the brew…” – the witch’s brew is located at the Plaza, in the cauldron. The stick of the candy is coming out of the green stew a bit. Click it and then click the candy again for it to be added to your basket. One more to go…

The eighth and final treat’s clue is:The last one’s hidden near the smile, Of the largest pumpkin on the isle.” – this mean’s the Beacon, because where the giant light bulb is, there is a giant pumpkin inside. The stick of candy is to the left of the Telescope. You can now add it to your basket, and claim your prize!

After the Halloween Candy Hunt window appears, click the Claim Prize button to receive a Candy Forest Path Background! If you want, you can collect it after by clicking Continue, but if you don’t collect it and you log off, you will have to do the Candy Hunt all over again, so it’s best to collect it now.

When you have completed the Halloween Candy Hunt, you also get a Party stamp called “Scavenger Hunt” – Complete a Scavenger Hunt. And you have! So as soon as you grab the last candy, you’ll have the stamp and it will be added to your stamp book and to your collection.

There is another stamp you can get this Halloween too! It’s called “Monster Mash” – Wear a monster outfit at the Halloween Party. For this you can wear the Frankenpenguin costume, or any other monster – I think a mummy costume would count, so any monster costume!

Non-member Item

This year’s non-member free item is the Purple Bat Wings. In a latest Club Penguin wallpaper a penguin is seen wearing these Bat Wings. The wallpaper was added into the Community section just a few hours before the party updated. The wings are a Head Item and are located at the Plaza.

Haunted House

Members can go to the Haunted House via the Forest and enter the spooky house. Inside you can get a free Ghost Costume item. If you have it already, you can’t collect it again.

Dark Chamber

Head back to the Forest and go through the tree that says “Dark Chamber” above it. Remember that you need to be a member to get through this maze because it’s for members only. Inside there will be a maze you need to pass to get to the final room. When you are ready, you can enter.

This room is called the “Dark Swamp” – you need to watch the color pattern that the rocks display in front of the door, and then copy that same color sequence on the organ. This is quite annoying and hard. Each time you get the right colour the red dots just under the keys will turn green. Then the rocks will go down – you can now move on to the next room.

If you have already done the Dark Swamp task, and you want to pass to the next room again, you can use the Red Button Shortcut on the left tree. Once you press that, the rocks will disappear and the gate will open. Cool shortcut, right? This means you don’t have to do the task to get through again.

You will see that that there is not a lot of light in this room – which is called the “Dark Chamber” itself. The floor that you see was featured in the Better Igloos catalog. It’s quite dark, so you need light that you can carry with you.

In the corner you will see a box full of Lanterns, and over it there is a sign that says “USE THE LANTERN” – this Lantern’s official name is the Storm Lantern. So pick one of those up, and then go to the Hand Item section in your inventory, and get yourself to hold it.

Now you need to get to where your Spy Phone is positioned. Walk past the right arrow sign, past the coffin (down), then left and down. Now you are at the start of the maze. Walk all the way straight (or right, it’s the same thing), straight up, left, up and then right. Now you will be in the “Monster Room” – here you can collect a free furniture item, sit on the throne, and explore the area. This is the final room.

Well, that’s it! I would like to credit the awesome Revgreen for helping me out with the Dark Chamber! He owns CP Reporters, which is in partnership with Club-Penguin-Pins! Please visit his blog! 😉 Check out Night of the Living Sled, the Costume Show and why not check out all the rooms! I heard the Iceberg has been turned into the Pumpkinberg! And if a lot of penguins are drilling on it, they will carve a Pumpkin Face onto it! More posts are coming soon! This has been Ninjinian posting this year’s Halloween Party guide!

7 Responses to “Club Penguin’s Halloween Party 2010!”

  1. 1 Kyle Mclain October 28, 2010 at 11:42 PM

    Thank you so much for the cheats, I really appreciate it! The background rocks!

  2. 2 Mrkrabs987™ October 29, 2010 at 3:31 PM

    OMG, Ninji boi thats an awesome post! Must of took you a while!
    Anyhow great post, Keep up the good work my Badman ;-P


  3. 3 chelsea727 October 31, 2010 at 10:01 AM

    Thank you for you’re help, you’re the best! 😀

  4. 4 elisa October 31, 2010 at 9:22 PM

    if you go to youtube can you put in keiven madden he is a baby playing a game thank you

  5. 5 Red boots 12 November 1, 2010 at 6:53 AM

    At the dark chamber, in the dark room, wear your night vision goggles you can see the whole room

  6. 6 Kjhkjhkjhjh November 2, 2010 at 5:38 PM

    Where do you get the night vision goggles?

  7. 7 lucyma1 November 3, 2010 at 7:21 AM

    nice guide lines
    keep up the good work! 🙂

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