Card-Jitsu Water Construction & Water Hunt!

Well the Halloween Storm has gone, and so has the rain! So now the Card-Jitsu Water construction has started – and Club Penguin have officially and finally revealed Card-Jitsu Water. If you go to the Town, you will see a red tube running across from the Dock into the Snow Forts. Let’s start off with the Water Hunt cheats, then we’ll get to the construction and much more!

Now we’ll start off with the Water Hunt first. Click the water barrel in the top-right corner of the screen next to the Moderator badge. While it loads, instead of it saying “water_hunt”, it says “easter_egg_hunt” – anybody else noticed this? There’s 8 water items to look for. So let’s start off.

Note: If you log off you’ll loose all of your items.

The clue is “The hunt is on, so scour the land, begin your search at a food stand.” – this means that it is at the Stadium in the Snacks bar. Click the milkshake once, then twice. Look in the picture if you can’t find it.

The clue for the second water item is: “Next find a shop where you might snack,  look closely to a java sack.” – the past is the biggest clue. It’s at the Coffee Shop. Click the coffee on the table once, then twice.

The third water item’s clue is: “If the next clue is what you wish, look for a bowl with a golden fish.” – this means it’s at the Pet Shop. Click the goldfish bowl only once for it to be added to your Hunt Inventory.

The fourth water item’s clue is: “Now search for this on friendly turf, if it’s inside a place you go to surf.” – this is at the Cove. Click the water bottle in the Surfing Hut twice to collect it. Now onto the next one!

The fifth water item’s clue is: “To find this one go take a look, in a place you go to read a book.” – head to the Book Room and click the coffee cup twice to receive the cup of coffee. Now for the next item…

The sixth water item’s clue is: “To find this glass, here’s some advice. Search the place that has Thin Ice.” – that mean’s the Dance Lounge. Then click the glass of water next to the Coke can once.

The seventh water item’s clue is: “Don’t let this one give you the slip, look near a place you’d land a ship.” – this relates to Rockhopper and the Beach. Click the sand bucket and spade once.

The eighth and last water item’s clue is: “For the final one you must prepare, to find a fish that’s in the air.” – go to the Courtyard and click the fish on the roof to the left once. You will now have the last item.

After that, you can click Claim Prize and you will get a free “Water Tank Background”, based on the Water Tank that is located at the Dojo Courtyard outside the Ninja Hideout. If you log off, you will have to do the hunt again, so it’s best to collect it now instead of collecting it later. That’s the Water Hunt cheats finished! Like the prize?

Now let’s get to the construction that is all over the island.


If you go to the Dock, you will see a sort of contraption. On the side, there is instructions. Normal penguins throw penguins into the barrel, while the Fire Ninja dances and lightens up the fire. Keep throwing snowballs into the barrel. It will then ding and all the snow changes into water. You don’t get anything, but it’s nice to try.

If you go to the Snow Forts, the machine will function itself. While you’re here, and you’re a member, you can grab a Bucket Hat that is next to the Stadium. It is free and is a Head Item. Let’s move on now.

Here is the Plaza. You can go to the table for some pizza and coffee, or you can just pass by and check out the rooms. At the Forest, it’s a contraption like the one at the Dock. Throw snowballs in the barrel, while a Fire Ninja dances and does it’s fire stuff. The machine will then move around and the water will come out.

If you go into the Cave/Pool, you will see that the whole has has been flooded with water! Nothing’s been damaged, but the lifeguard chair and other stuff are floating. And when you waddle, it’s like you are walking in the Ice Rink. You can walk half-way up the walls too! It’s the same with the Boiler Room, Mine, Cave Mine and Hidden Lake.

At the Mine, you’ll even see a couple of fish swimming around! The carts are floating, as are the Puffle Rescue equipment. The phone on the table of the Puffle Rescue equipment probably doesn’t work anymore.

That’s it for the Card-Jitsu Water construction and Water Hunt post! Hope you liked our post. If you are a WordPress, it would be great if you could click on the post and then click the Like button at the bottom. Leave a comment t00, everyone! This has been Ninjinian posting the Card-Jitsu Water construction and Water Hunt cheats.


4 Responses to “Card-Jitsu Water Construction & Water Hunt!”

  1. 1 Jacob November 17, 2010 at 12:20 AM

    Yeah, we can get a stamp if we found all of them!

  2. 2 Zeth November 17, 2010 at 4:49 AM

    Great post! I really liked the guide for the water hunt, keep up the really good work!

  3. 3 kurt November 18, 2010 at 8:53 AM

    Yes, thank you for you’re guide! 😀

  4. 4 Kulu November 20, 2010 at 5:11 PM

    This is so cool, but you only get a background for the prize.

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