Club Penguin’s Card-Jitsu Water!

Card-Jitsu Water has finally arrived! It’s come a day early, as usual. It came at approx. 6:30pm UK time. So member-ninjas can now play Card-Jitsu Water. Normal can take a small journey to the Courtyard and to the Ninja Hideout to check out the room updates. The Dojo Courtyard has been decorated to celebrate Card-Jitsu Water, so go check out that too.

At the Ninja Hideout, blue lanterns have been put up, including Water banners. The entrance to the Water Dojo is at the Water Stone to the right of the Dojo. It is at the same place as the Fire Stone, but it’s just on the right of the Flying Flippers Emporium.

This is how the Water Dojo Entrance appears. The stones outside the Flying Flippers Emporium close in and out comes the Entrance. If you do not have the Amulet, it has a note on the door by Sensei which tells you to go buy it. If you don’t have it, you can’t enter.

This is the finished Water Dojo. It looks similar to the Fire Dojo, but it a bit different. The entrance is near your chat bar and the entrance to the Fire Dojo is to the right. Put your cursor on the pillow, blue smoke will form and Water Sensei will reveal himself. Posters are on the walls to help you a bit. Let’s have a look at those.

This is the Water Clothing Poster. There are four items you need to get your Water Suit. The first one is the Head Item, the Helmet of Oceans, then the Torrent Mask, then the Waterfall Coat and finally the Wave Sandals. To get them you need to challenge other players and earn each item one-by-one. You can check out your progress by clicking the card icon in the bottom-right corner.

Below is the Instructions poster. To earn your Water Items, you need to go up to Sensei and choose ‘Earn Your Water Suit’. When you got all your items and need to become an official Water Ninja, chose ‘Challenge Sensei’ and win a match against him.

Now let’s go to the Water Sensei and have a little chat.

Talking to Sensei

Walk over to him. He will first say “Welcome Ninja-san to the Waterfall. Here your journey continues. Train here and you will grow strong and learn the ways of the Water Ninja.”

First, you’ll need a Water Booster Deck to play Card-Jitsu Water. They will be added to your inventory and you can use them when you play.

He then says “If you see something you find curious, click it and I will explain…” He means his Water Suit and Amulet. So click his Water Suit. It will first glow.

He says “You have some interest in this grand Suit of Water? I shall explain it.” Throughout this journey, you will earn pieces to your Water Ninja Suit.

“Nifty, hey?” Yes, definitely nifty, wise Sensei. 😀

Once completed, challenge Sensei. If you win you will earn the Water Gem to add to you’re Amulet. Only when you beat Sensei will you officially become a Water Ninja. This Amulet is the key to the elements, and mastering them. As you continue your journey, you will earn gems that will prove your skill.

Carry the Amulet with you and it will open the way to many places, such as the Fire Dojo and the Water Dojo – and lastly, the Snow Dojo!

Enough of Sensei, now it’s time to learn how to play Card-Jitsu Water!

How to Play

The objective is to get to the gong, which is on the other side. First, choose a card that scrolls down the bottom of your screen. Then the element of the card you’ve chosen, you have to destroy the opposite element, e.g. Fire beats Snow. There are tiles that have fire balls, water puddles and snow on them.

You need to pick a tile to throw that element of the card onto. You can only move to the squares that are green. So imagine that you chose a Fire card. You will throw a Fire card onto a square that has snow on it, then you can proceed forward. It could take more than one go to extinguish that square’s element because it might have a bigger Fire, bigger puddle or bigger snow amount on it. Remember, if you accidently throw a Snow/Fire/Water element onto a Snow/Fire/Water stone, the amount of Snow/Fire/Water on the stone will increase and it will take more elements for you to extinguish it and move on!

If you are too slow, you will fall off the waterfall and you will loose – and will either come first, second, third or fourth, depending if you fall before or after your opponents. You need to pick an empty, glowing stone to move. You can move diagonally if you want. Reach the gong, and you win. Kick the gong to earn bonus experience points, and add elements to stones in front of your opponents to slow them down.

You can also throw any element onto an empty, glowing stone and move ahead.

Follow the same procedure to win. If you want the concept shorter: you need to choose a card, and then beat the opposing element of that card, e.g. Fire card. Then if it’s a Fire card, throw that element to a stone close to you that has Snow on it, cause Fire beats Snow. Keep doing that. Use any element-card you want: Fire beats Snow which beats Water which beats Fire.

You can also throw any element onto an empty, glowing stone and move ahead.

Above you can see a penguin falling off the edge because they took too long. Sometimes the fire, snow or water on the stone will be very big, so it will take more than one try to take it out and move ahead. If you throw a water element onto a water stone, the water on the stone will get bigger and it will take more tries for it to extinguish. Same with Fire and Snow.

Here you can see someone winning the match. When that happens, everybody automatically gets drowned by the waterfall and lose. The first time you get to the gong, you get a stamp.

And now I have earned my first Water Suit item, the Wave Sandals! Woohoo!

Well that’s it for our Card-Jitsu post! I hope you liked it! We’ll have a Tips for Card-Jitsu Water page up very soon, with the instructions on how to play, ways to getting stamps and some pointers. This has been Ninjinian posting the Card-Jitsu Water cheats! 😉


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