Club Penguin: Coins for Change 2010

Coins for Change is here! Along with Rockhopper helping out, and the Holiday Party – you can now donate your coins to the charity. There are quite a few booths spread out across the island which you can donate to.

This year you can donate to build safe places, protect the Earth and provide medical help – all for countries around the world. So choose which sub-charity you want your coins to go to next and then move on.

You can donate 100 coins, 500 coins, 800 coins or 5,000 coins. For each charity it says “Choose the amount of coins you would like to go to …” and the name of the sub-charity. In the middle, there will either be a house, some trees or a First Aid kit depending on which charity you have chosen to donate to.

At the end it says “Thank you. The coins you give will help change the world.” – then click Done. If you donate any amount of coins (100, 500, 800 or 5,000) you get a Volunteer stamp and if you donate 5,000 coins you get a Top Volunteer stamp. If you donate 5,000 coins on your first time donating you will get the stamps both at once.

When you have got those, you can check out your Stamp Book and view your new stamps. Check out the new stamps window below:

The first stamp, the Volunteer stamp says “Donate to a Coins For Change cause” and the the Top Volunteer stamp says “Give a  5000 coin donation to Coins For Change”. They are located in the Events category under the Party sub-category. There is also an Explorer stamp in which you need to visit all the party decorated rooms – but it’s a members-only stamp.

That’s it for the Coins For Change stamps. Remember, you can donate to any sub-charity whenever you want. You can donate until December 27th. This has been Ninjinian posting about Coins For Change.


1 Response to “Club Penguin: Coins for Change 2010”

  1. 1 Ninga Macen December 24, 2011 at 1:18 AM

    I have a coins for change booth in my igloo. Members can get them in the furniture catolog. If any member has an coins pipe please tell me on the blog (where that is in Club Penguin’s blog) and my name is Ninga Macen on the blog so reply on that and I will read it as soon as I can peeps! Lol! You might be jealous of this. Dont tell the public.I got an gingerbread igloo for free from catolog!

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