DEC 2010: Rockhopper Visits Club Penguin!

Rockhopper is now here, along with the Holiday Party and Coins for Change! Go to the Beach to visit his ship, the Migrator. There you can play games, donate and explore his ship! Let’s go inside to have a look:

The ship looks like it did last Christmas when he visited. There’s the aurora/Northern Lights there like in most of the rooms. Go upstairs to the Crow’s Nest to check out Snowhopper (that’s what I call the snow-replica of Rockhopper).

In the Shiphold there’s the pirate treasure, a Christmas tree and the green carpet coming down from the stairs, leading into the Captain’s Quarters. As always, Rockhopper brings some cool items. Let’s see what he brought!

The free item is the Globe Hat – which is a Head Item. It looks cool on your player card, like an Afro, but on your avatar it looks strange. The member items a Build Safe Places T-Shirt, Protect The Earth T-Shirt and a Provide Medical Help T-Shirt – 100 coins each.

You can see penguins wear these shirts in the Coins for Change start screen and on the page. Other items include the Coins for Change Banner for 100 coins, which is a furniture item and the new Coins For Change Background which you can buy for 60 coins.

Inside the Captain’s Quarters there is the very cool Treasure Hunt game – which is only available when Rockhopper visits. You can donate coins and check out what Rockhopper has planned to do during his visit.

On the Corkboard it says “Me and Yarr’s donation goal:” – they want to fill the lighthouse with coins and they are very excited to try it out! As well as that, it’s got two pictures of him below it. Let’s check out the rest of his list:

  • Give me treasure to Coins For Change
  • Sing carols with me mateys
  • Make delicious squid and candy cane pizzas.

Seems like he will be visiting the Pizza Parlour a lot!

That’s it for Rockhopper visiting Club Penguin in December 2010! I expect Rockhopper to return in February or March. Be sure to catch Rockhopper during his long visit and get his background if you don’t have it already! I might set up a tracker for a while. This has been Ninjinian posting Rockhopper’s visit to Club Penguin.

1 Response to “DEC 2010: Rockhopper Visits Club Penguin!”

  1. 1 Bora Alp December 20, 2010 at 6:18 PM

    Thats Really Cool! I am Meeting With Rockhopper for First Time! But I Couldn’t Find Him on any server. can you tell me a REAL Rockhopper Tracker?

    PS: Sorry For Bad English, I am Turkish by the way…

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