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Brown Puffle in Puffle Catalog

The Brown Puffle is now available to buy via the Puffle Catalog. Members can adopt him for 800 coins. The Brown Puffle is super smart and inventive. He likes playing with beakers and rocket but is afraid of balloons.

The Puffle Party starts today too (which goes on until February 27, 2011) so now you can take your brand new puffle to the Puffle Show and dance with it! Are you gonna adopt one or do you have one already? This has been Ninjinian posting the Puffle Catalog/Brown Puffle update.


FEB ’11: What’s Coming Up for Members

The Membership page has been updated to tell us what Members can look forward to on Club Penguin this February, mainly focusing on the Puffle Party which starts from February 18 and ends on the 27th.

Here’s what Members can look forward to this month:

  • Join the Puffle Party and show off your puffle at the talent show.
  • Adopt the new Brown Puffle from the Pet Shop.
  • Access exclusive new puffle-themed clothing.
  • Stay tuned for more puffle surprises in March!

Well we know about the first three points, but what about the last one? It seems as though more puffle-related things are to come next month! We’ll find out soon. This has been Ninjinian posting this month’s membership update.

EPF Spy Phone Messages Update

The new communication system that Gary installed has started working. I was in the Coffee Shop and my Spy Phone started blinking blue, and had a telephone icon on it. So I clicked it and I got a message from Gary.

Before we see the message, here’s how the Spy Phone looks now:

It shows a picture of Gary, the date it was sent, the name of the person who sent it (G) and then the message, which looks quite small while playing Club Penguin in Small Screen. Here’s what it says:

Red alert! The EPF is under attack! All agents – report to the system scanner in the Command Room immediately. This is not a drill.

When you open and close your Spy Phone after reading it, the message will be gone. This has been Ninjinian posting the Spy Phone update.

Membership Page Update for Jan ’11

The membership page has been updated for this month. The heading is “Membership means more mysteries this month.” Let’s have a look at what to look forward to this month and what it could hint to.

Here’s what to look forward to this month:

  • Defend the Elite Penguin Force in a challenging new game.
  • Earn exclusive EPF gear and technology.
  • Join the expedition into unexplored parts of the island.
  • Find surprises in the wilderness.

The game is ‘supposedly’ something called System Defender. The exclusive EPF gear is coming very soon and the technology means the new communicating system out on January 10. Does this mean that all the new EPF stuff is more members-only? We’ll see very soon. And there’s new rooms during the Mountain Expedition, including sightings of the Brown Puffle! This has been Ninjinian posting the membership updates.

Card-Jitsu: Water Lag Update

Today, Billybob announced that the team have added a new feature to Card-Jitsu: Water. As you may know, there was a lot of lag while playing, so they have added a bar at the top of every game where you can hover your mouse over – when you do that you will get three options to change the quality of the graphics – Lowest quality graphics, Medium quality graphics and Highest quality graphics. The default is Medium.

Do you think this is a good feature? Hopefully this will help out all of you when you play Card-Jitsu: Water, so go try it out now! This has been Ninjinian posting the Card-Jitsu: Water lag update.

Holiday Party 2010 Construction

Construction for the Holiday Party has been laid out around parts of Club Penguin. The only places I’ve seen construction is at the Town, Night Club, Dance Lounge and Beach. Anywhere else where there’s construction?

At the Dance Lounge, you can see the Sleigh Ride being rebuilt and painted. This is a member’s only ride where you drop off presents to others igloos just like Santa. It’s a cool ride to enjoy too.

Now if you check out the construction at the Beach… it is quite strange. There are green tubes in boxes and a couple of closed boxes. It turns out they are from Rockhopper. There’s a note on one of the boxes which says: “I be leavin’ these tubes with ye! Me and Yarr be visitin’ soon for Coins For Change.”

We’ve found out what the tubes are for slightly because of the Better Igloos catalog – they are purchasable and is called a Donation Tube – maybe this is a new way to donate to Coins for Change? Any more ideas on what they could be for? Comment on what you think of the Donation Tube.  This has been Ninjinian the Holiday Party construction.

New December 2010 Igloo Music

Today, new igloo music came out. There are two new tracks that are available. One is called “Candy Cane March” and the other one is called “Santa’s Mix” – you can tell which ones are new if they are bold.

This has been Ninjinian posting the new igloo music.

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