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“I Met Rockhopper” Postcard Sent by Sys

Today, I logged onto Club Penguin because I had activated a 1 month membership and was trying out Card-Jitsu Water. It was really laggy, so I came out of the Hideout and it said I got 1 postcard. I clicked it and it showed me the “I met Rockhopper!” postcard, sent by a penguin called ‘sys’… I looked around for a penguin called ‘sys’ but I didn’t see anyone. I asked others and they said they got the same postcard.

I checked my other penguins and they had got it too. Is this a glitch? This postcard isn’t even available at the moment! Or could it be a hint telling us that Rockhopper is coming? Apparently ‘sys’ is short for system, which is an automated account that bans penguins and sends specific postcards, who uses the alias “Club Penguin”.

The name ‘sys’ should not be permitted, because usernames have to be atleast 4 characters. It also begins with a lowercase, which is not allowed anymore. So is it a bot? Is this a glitch or was it sent on purpose? It’s currently all a mystery… this has been Ninjinian posting about a mysterious postcard.


FIELD-OPS: Elite Penguin Force Mission 24

Hey agents! Ninjinian here with the Mission 24 Field-Op cheats! Your guide to the Field-Op is right here on Club-Penguin-Pins! First of all log into Club Penguin, then click your red-blinking Spy Phone and click “Go There” to be transported to the EPF Command Room and walk over to the yellow computer to receive your mission.

We’re still on Red Alert! Enemy programs have damaged systems in the VR Hologram Quarters. We need to travel down to the VR HQ, and the find the broken hologram panel, then work together to power it up! Let’s go!

Once you are in the VR Room, go stand/sit under where it says “HQ 2005” – you’re Spy Phone will then blink green. Click it to receieve your task.

We have to power up the chipset but guiding your micro battery to all the chips and make sure you don’t get shocked by the traps – use the arrows on your keyboard to guide your battery to the chips, be sure to keep recharging!

That’s it! You have completed the task and Field-Op, and got a medal! You can use these medals to buy Elite Gear. I’m saving up mine to get the stamps. Only five away from the “25 medals” stamp! This has been Ninjinian posting the latest Field-Op.

Card-Jitsu Water Construction & Water Hunt!

Well the Halloween Storm has gone, and so has the rain! So now the Card-Jitsu Water construction has started – and Club Penguin have officially and finally revealed Card-Jitsu Water. If you go to the Town, you will see a red tube running across from the Dock into the Snow Forts. Let’s start off with the Water Hunt cheats, then we’ll get to the construction and much more!

Now we’ll start off with the Water Hunt first. Click the water barrel in the top-right corner of the screen next to the Moderator badge. While it loads, instead of it saying “water_hunt”, it says “easter_egg_hunt” – anybody else noticed this? There’s 8 water items to look for. So let’s start off.

Note: If you log off you’ll loose all of your items.

The clue is “The hunt is on, so scour the land, begin your search at a food stand.” – this means that it is at the Stadium in the Snacks bar. Click the milkshake once, then twice. Look in the picture if you can’t find it.

The clue for the second water item is: “Next find a shop where you might snack,  look closely to a java sack.” – the past is the biggest clue. It’s at the Coffee Shop. Click the coffee on the table once, then twice.

The third water item’s clue is: “If the next clue is what you wish, look for a bowl with a golden fish.” – this means it’s at the Pet Shop. Click the goldfish bowl only once for it to be added to your Hunt Inventory.

The fourth water item’s clue is: “Now search for this on friendly turf, if it’s inside a place you go to surf.” – this is at the Cove. Click the water bottle in the Surfing Hut twice to collect it. Now onto the next one!

The fifth water item’s clue is: “To find this one go take a look, in a place you go to read a book.” – head to the Book Room and click the coffee cup twice to receive the cup of coffee. Now for the next item…

The sixth water item’s clue is: “To find this glass, here’s some advice. Search the place that has Thin Ice.” – that mean’s the Dance Lounge. Then click the glass of water next to the Coke can once.

The seventh water item’s clue is: “Don’t let this one give you the slip, look near a place you’d land a ship.” – this relates to Rockhopper and the Beach. Click the sand bucket and spade once.

The eighth and last water item’s clue is: “For the final one you must prepare, to find a fish that’s in the air.” – go to the Courtyard and click the fish on the roof to the left once. You will now have the last item.

After that, you can click Claim Prize and you will get a free “Water Tank Background”, based on the Water Tank that is located at the Dojo Courtyard outside the Ninja Hideout. If you log off, you will have to do the hunt again, so it’s best to collect it now instead of collecting it later. That’s the Water Hunt cheats finished! Like the prize?

Now let’s get to the construction that is all over the island.


If you go to the Dock, you will see a sort of contraption. On the side, there is instructions. Normal penguins throw penguins into the barrel, while the Fire Ninja dances and lightens up the fire. Keep throwing snowballs into the barrel. It will then ding and all the snow changes into water. You don’t get anything, but it’s nice to try.

If you go to the Snow Forts, the machine will function itself. While you’re here, and you’re a member, you can grab a Bucket Hat that is next to the Stadium. It is free and is a Head Item. Let’s move on now.

Here is the Plaza. You can go to the table for some pizza and coffee, or you can just pass by and check out the rooms. At the Forest, it’s a contraption like the one at the Dock. Throw snowballs in the barrel, while a Fire Ninja dances and does it’s fire stuff. The machine will then move around and the water will come out.

If you go into the Cave/Pool, you will see that the whole has has been flooded with water! Nothing’s been damaged, but the lifeguard chair and other stuff are floating. And when you waddle, it’s like you are walking in the Ice Rink. You can walk half-way up the walls too! It’s the same with the Boiler Room, Mine, Cave Mine and Hidden Lake.

At the Mine, you’ll even see a couple of fish swimming around! The carts are floating, as are the Puffle Rescue equipment. The phone on the table of the Puffle Rescue equipment probably doesn’t work anymore.

That’s it for the Card-Jitsu Water construction and Water Hunt post! Hope you liked our post. If you are a WordPress, it would be great if you could click on the post and then click the Like button at the bottom. Leave a comment t00, everyone! This has been Ninjinian posting the Card-Jitsu Water construction and Water Hunt cheats.

Club Penguin is Pouring with Rain!

For the first time in Club Penguin history, it is pouring with rain! As Gary predicted in the 264th Penguin Times issue, it is raining. This was the biggest clue that it could rain on Club Penguin. The storm has been acting weird since last week, which is probably why it has been raining. It is raining everywhere on Club Penguin, except inside rooms. We’ll show you some of the other rooms too. Take a look how it’s raining at the Town:

Let’s have a look at other places where it is raining too. I’m not going to show all of them, but here’s a selection of them. The Dojo Courtyard, Beach, Beacon, Iceberg and Dock are all shown below, pouring with rain and with puddles on the ground and snow. There’s a big puddle located in the middle of the Dock.

Fires have been extinguished around the island because of the rain. The fireplace at the Cove has been extinguished, so no more campfires until the rain clears out. Even at the Fire Dojo, the fire cylinders show only a spark of lava and fire. Mostly they have been put out because of the heavy rain.

A wet floor sign has been put up at the Beacon, but not in other places. I wonder why Club Penguin did that? They should be placed everywhere. Maybe it’s specifically the Beacon because somebody could slip while trying to get onto the Jet Pack launchpad and fall into the sea. 😛

Let’s have a look in the Beacon Telescope to see how the rain looks out at sea. You can see the mild storm in the sky. The rain is closely visible in the Telescope here. I had a check of the Lifeguard Binoculars at the Cove too. Like in the Telescope, the storm is mild and the rain is closely visible, but the waves are seen moving gently. And the penguins playing Hydro Hopper are still seen playing in these conditions. That’s quite dangerous, get them to safety!

I went into places such as the Coffee Shop, Gift Shop, Pet Shop, Pizza Parlour, Ski Lodge, Everyday Phoning Facility, Lighthouse and Dojo to see if the rain is visible when you open the door, just in case Club Penguin forgot. Well they didn’t forget. If you are inside one of those rooms, and you hover your mouse over the exit door, it will open slightly and you can see the rain pouring down. Below is the Coffee Shop and Gift Shop.

Below is the Pet Shop and Pizza Parlour doors open with rain. These doors are positioned straight so we can see all the rain that drips down from the sky onto the snow, so it was easy to get a picture of the rain here.

Here is the Ski Lodge door open. Because the door is not positioned like the Pet Shop and Pizza Parlour door, you can’t see it open that much so you can see little rain. There is a window next to the clock and sofas where you can see the rain clearly. So when you are sitting down, playing Find Four or having a coffee, have a look outside the window and enjoy the rain. 😀

I decided to check the Ice Fishing door just in case too, and when you hover your mouse over it, you can see rain. But when you go into the game, you can’t see any rain. Club Penguin must of either forgot to put rain in the game, or just didn’t put rain in on purpose. It would be cool to see rain in Ice Fishing, though, wouldn’t it? And in other games such as Sled Racing, Hydro Hopper, Puffle Round-up and Bean Counters. Any more games that could have rain in them? Comment on this idea, I might e-mail Club Penguin about this!

The Everyday Phoning Facility door also shows rain from outside when you hover your mouse over it. The rain comes down really quick, so it’s a bit hard to get a picture showing a lot of rain, but the one below is enough.

The last two doors that show rain are the Lighthouse door and the Dojo door. The Lighthouse door opens to the left, not to the right, so you can see the rain better in the Lighthouse door. You can’t really see the rain in the Dojo door because it goes too quickly and not much rain is visible.

Going back to the Ski Lodge, if you go up to the Attic, and look at that small window, it is still the same as before. It hasn’t been changed. Maybe Club Penguin didn’t change it on purpose, or they forgot about it. Either way, I’d like to see it changed, darker with rain seen pouring down. I’ll include this on my e-mail to Club Penguin.

The last thing I want to show you is the Symbol Circle in the middle of the Ninja Hideout. It is raining there too, but the puddle is on the Card-Jitsu Water part of the circle, not the Fire part or the Snow part. This clearly indicates of Card-Jitsu Water coming. And over the puddle, the Water symbol is visible.

What do you think of our post? We posted rooms that are pouring with rain, fires that have been extinguished, the wet floor sign, the rain in the Telescope and Binoculars, rain seen in doors, games that need rain in them, the Attic window and a sign of Card-Jitsu Water.

If you liked our post, and you are a WordPess user, why not press the Like button by clicking the heading of this post and scrolling down? Others, please comment on what you think. I will be e-mailing Club Penguin and there will be a post about that too. This has been Ninjinian posting about the rain on Club Penguin. More updates will be coming soon, so stay tuned. 😉

FIELD-OPS: Elite Penguin Force Mission 22

Hey agents! Ninjinian here with the Mission 22 Field-Op cheats! Your guide to the Field-Op is right here on Club-Penguin-Pins! First of all log into Club Penguin, then click your red-blinking Spy Phone and click “Go There” to be transported to the EPF Command Room and walk over to the yellow computer to receive your mission.

The EPF are still under attack, says Gary. He has detected what may be a popcorn device – and we must prevent another incident. The device has been hidden inside a barrel. Work together to search the island, then shut it down.

Click your Map and go to the Forest, then remove the big boulder hiding the secret entrance to the Hidden Lake. Or you could go their via your Spy Phone. Then waddle over to the barrel that is next to the ladder. When you are standing in the right position, your Spy Phone will then flash green.

This week’s task is destroying the circuits! You have to match the circuit symbols to overload the wiring! You have a time limit, so do it quick and fast before time runs out! See how long it takes you to complete it.

New Elite Gear!

You’ve completed the task, great job! But there’s also new Elite Gear members can buy! This must be the reason why Club Penguin took quite a while to release the Field-Op! Click Elite Gear, and you will be in the page that says “AGENT”, but there is a new page that’s called “COMM”  after “TACTICAL” – click it and you will see more Elite Gear, this one is called the Basic Set. Below is a list of all the items in the set:

Basic Set

  • x3 – Comm Helmet
  • x3 – Sat-Pack
  • x4 – Comm Gear
  • x2 – Comm Boots

There is the list of the new gear! You’ve completed your mission, well done!

Congratulations, you’ve finished the twenty-second Field-Op! I’m saving up my medals to get the stamps, how about you? Check back next week for the next Field-Op! This has been Ninjinian posting the latest Field-Op.

Club Penguin’s Halloween Party 2010!

The Halloween Party has finally arrived (at 10:50pm UK time) after many delays with bugs. Now the party is finally here, and there is a lot to post. We’ll start off with the Candy Hunt! Club-Penguin-Pins have the answers to the Candy Hunt for you to make it easy!

So first of all, click the Candy Bag in the top-right corner next to the Moderator Badge to start off. Currently you’ve found no treats, and there are 8 treats to collect. Each time you collect a treat, it will appear in the space it’s supposed to be in. In the bottom-right corner there will be clues to help you find each treat.

Note: if you log off, you’re candy will vanish when you log back on.

So the first treat’s clue is “The hunt begins, you’re on your way, Start searching where the starfish lay.” – this is at the Beach, near the entrance to the Dock, behind the tree. Click the chocolate bar – it will pop out. Click it again and then it will be added to your basket. Now onto the second treat!

The second treat’s clue is “The next one’s hidden out of sight, Overlooking a snowball fight.” – this one is an egg and is located at the Snow Forts, behind the trees next to the path to the Town. Click it and then click it again for it to be added to your basket. Now let’s move on to the third treat.

The third treat’s clue is “To find the next hidden delight, Look far away, near glowing light.” – this one is a lollipop and is located at the Iceberg (or as I call it, the Pumpkinberg), behind the stem near the aura lights. Click the lollipop then click it again to be added to your basket. You’ve found three treats so far.

The fourth treat’s clue is: “Through monster costumes you must dig. This one will make you flip your wig.” – this one means that it is at the Gift Shop, under the first wig on the shelf. You only have to click it once and it will be added into your basket. Half-way done, now there are 4 more treats left.

The fifth treat’s clue is: “Now try to find a cheesy scent, Then search a spooky instrument.” – cheesy scent represents pizza, meaning the Pizza Parlour. The instruments the organ inside it. This treat is a pumpkin sweet, and is hanging from the organ, to the left of it. Now only three more to go.

The sixth treat’s clue is: You’ll find the candy you adore, Where the ninja shadow was before.” – there was a ninja shadow in one of the mirrors at the Ski Lodge last year, remember it? Well the box treat is located in that same mirror. The mirror is above the fireplace and below your basket. Click it twice.

The seventh treat’s clue is:A witch has used this candy to, Improve the flavor of the brew…” – the witch’s brew is located at the Plaza, in the cauldron. The stick of the candy is coming out of the green stew a bit. Click it and then click the candy again for it to be added to your basket. One more to go…

The eighth and final treat’s clue is:The last one’s hidden near the smile, Of the largest pumpkin on the isle.” – this mean’s the Beacon, because where the giant light bulb is, there is a giant pumpkin inside. The stick of candy is to the left of the Telescope. You can now add it to your basket, and claim your prize!

After the Halloween Candy Hunt window appears, click the Claim Prize button to receive a Candy Forest Path Background! If you want, you can collect it after by clicking Continue, but if you don’t collect it and you log off, you will have to do the Candy Hunt all over again, so it’s best to collect it now.

When you have completed the Halloween Candy Hunt, you also get a Party stamp called “Scavenger Hunt” – Complete a Scavenger Hunt. And you have! So as soon as you grab the last candy, you’ll have the stamp and it will be added to your stamp book and to your collection.

There is another stamp you can get this Halloween too! It’s called “Monster Mash” – Wear a monster outfit at the Halloween Party. For this you can wear the Frankenpenguin costume, or any other monster – I think a mummy costume would count, so any monster costume!

Non-member Item

This year’s non-member free item is the Purple Bat Wings. In a latest Club Penguin wallpaper a penguin is seen wearing these Bat Wings. The wallpaper was added into the Community section just a few hours before the party updated. The wings are a Head Item and are located at the Plaza.

Haunted House

Members can go to the Haunted House via the Forest and enter the spooky house. Inside you can get a free Ghost Costume item. If you have it already, you can’t collect it again.

Dark Chamber

Head back to the Forest and go through the tree that says “Dark Chamber” above it. Remember that you need to be a member to get through this maze because it’s for members only. Inside there will be a maze you need to pass to get to the final room. When you are ready, you can enter.

This room is called the “Dark Swamp” – you need to watch the color pattern that the rocks display in front of the door, and then copy that same color sequence on the organ. This is quite annoying and hard. Each time you get the right colour the red dots just under the keys will turn green. Then the rocks will go down – you can now move on to the next room.

If you have already done the Dark Swamp task, and you want to pass to the next room again, you can use the Red Button Shortcut on the left tree. Once you press that, the rocks will disappear and the gate will open. Cool shortcut, right? This means you don’t have to do the task to get through again.

You will see that that there is not a lot of light in this room – which is called the “Dark Chamber” itself. The floor that you see was featured in the Better Igloos catalog. It’s quite dark, so you need light that you can carry with you.

In the corner you will see a box full of Lanterns, and over it there is a sign that says “USE THE LANTERN” – this Lantern’s official name is the Storm Lantern. So pick one of those up, and then go to the Hand Item section in your inventory, and get yourself to hold it.

Now you need to get to where your Spy Phone is positioned. Walk past the right arrow sign, past the coffin (down), then left and down. Now you are at the start of the maze. Walk all the way straight (or right, it’s the same thing), straight up, left, up and then right. Now you will be in the “Monster Room” – here you can collect a free furniture item, sit on the throne, and explore the area. This is the final room.

Well, that’s it! I would like to credit the awesome Revgreen for helping me out with the Dark Chamber! He owns CP Reporters, which is in partnership with Club-Penguin-Pins! Please visit his blog! 😉 Check out Night of the Living Sled, the Costume Show and why not check out all the rooms! I heard the Iceberg has been turned into the Pumpkinberg! And if a lot of penguins are drilling on it, they will carve a Pumpkin Face onto it! More posts are coming soon! This has been Ninjinian posting this year’s Halloween Party guide!

Penguin Times Issue #263

The Halloween Party is slowly approaching – only 1 day to go! As said, we should all start off with the Candy Hunt when it begins. There’s a lot to be looking forward too – especially for members, who can look forward to the Haunted House and the Dark Chamber – which will both be at the Forest. And we’ve heard that maybe Gary the Gadget Guy will be making an appearance!

And here is a full list on what to expect at the party:

  • Halloween Scavenger Hunt: Read the clues and look everywhere… if you dare!
  • Dark Chamber: Can you make it through the lair of monsters?
  • Haunted House: What waits for you inside?
  • Costume Show: Put on your best costume and prepare to scare in the Ski Village!
  • Night of the Living  Sled: Hurry to the Lighthouse and watch the scariest sled on Earth!

There is also a Halloween Word Search in this week’s issue! We have the answers to the wordsearch if you want them, but if you don’t then scroll down and skip to the events to see what’s coming up this month and for part of November!


October 29 – November 3

  • Halloween Party!


November 4

  • Halloween Igloo Contest Winners – Round 2


November 5

  • New Penguin Style Catalog!
  • New Postcards!


November 5 – 18

  • New Pin Hidden

The Halloween Party will hopefully update today, but if it doesn’t today then it will tomorrow! In the next post we will reveal the first round of Halloween Igloo Contest winners! There’s the new Penguin Style catalog, new postcards, and more to look forward too! This has been Ninjinian posting the latest newspaper issue!

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