Hello, and welcome to the page for the tips for Card-Jitsu Water, made by Ninjinian of Club-Penguin-Pins. On this page you will learn how to play Card-Jitsu Water, strategies, pointers and tips on winning and getting stamps… and maybe more! Let’s start off with the instructions:

How to Play

The objective is to get to the gong, which is on the other side. First, choose a card that scrolls down the bottom of your screen. Then the element of the card you’ve chosen, you have to destroy the opposite element, e.g. Fire beats Snow. There are tiles that have fire balls, water puddles and snow on them. You need to throw the element you’re holding onto that opposite element’s tile that is glowing green and is near you.

You can only move to the squares that are green. So imagine that you chose a Fire card. You will throw a Fire card onto a square that has snow on it, then you can proceed forward. It could take more than one go to extinguish that square’s element because it might have a bigger Fire, bigger puddle or bigger snow amount on it. Remember, if you accidentally throw a Snow/Fire/Water element onto a Snow/Fire/Water stone, the amount of Snow/Fire/Water on the stone will increase and it will take more elements for you to extinguish it and move on!

If you are too slow, you will fall off the waterfall and you will loose – and will either come first, second, third or fourth, depending if you fall before or after your opponents. If there is an empty, glowing stone, you can choose any random card, click that empty, glowing stone and move forward. You can move diagonally if you want. Reach the gong, and you win. Kick the gong to earn bonus experience points.

Follow the same procedure to win. If you want the instructions in bullet points, here you go:

  • The objective is to get to the gong before your opponents.
  • Chose a card scrolling at the bottom.
  • If that card’s element is Fire, and there is a stone near you that has Fire on it, click that stone to move forward.
  • If the stone has a bigger ball of fire, it will take more than two Fire elements to take it out.
  • Keep doing this to get to the gong.
  • Remember; Fire beats Snow which beats Water which beat Snow.

Above you can see a penguin falling off the edge because they took too long. Sometimes the fire, snow or water on the stone will be very big, so it will take more than one try to take it out and move ahead. If you throw a water element onto a water stone, the water on the stone will get bigger and it will take more tries for it to extinguish. Same with Fire and Snow.

Here you can see someone winning the match. When that happens, everybody automatically gets drowned by the waterfall and lose. The first time you get to the gong, you get a stamp.

Then as you progress, you will get the Wave Sandals, then the Waterfall Coat, then the Torrent Mask, and finally… the Helmet of Oceans. Each time you get an item, the next one will be even more harder to get. Then, when you have all the items, you can face Sensei – and become an official Water Ninja!

Then after Card-Jitsu Water, there will be the final stage… Card-Jitsu Snow. No information about that has been revealed yet… but when you have completed all three types of Card-Jitsu, you will get the gem to add to your Amulet, and then you can unlock so many mysteries…

Tips for Card-Jitsu: Water

So now we’ve got the instructions sorted, lets go onto Tips:

  • Purposely throw the same element as a stone near one of your opponents so that the Fire/Snow/Water on the stone gets bigger – then they will have to take more than one element to take it out, and it will slow them down.
  • Look ahead of you straight after you throw the corresponding element so that you can immediately get ready for the next one. Imagine I just threw a Fire element and whipped out the Snow on the stone, before my penguin jumps, I will look at the stone in front of it (or the stone I want to get onto next) and get ready to quickly play that card.
  • Do not get distracted by anything else. Focus on the game. If you get distracted then you take even more time to set the element.
  • Try facing less than three opponents so that there is less competition.
  • Never slow down, if you do you will get more closer to the edge of the Waterfall.
  • Try to memorize what cards you have. If you do, you can see part of it before it evens comes into full view, then if you know that it is a Fire card, and you need a Fire card, click it quickly.
  • Always look out for Power Cards. By using Power Cards, they can take out a big Fire/Snow/Water in one go, cause they are stronger. They also take out any Fire/Snow/Water nearby. So if I played a Fire Power Card, it would take out the tile in front of it and the tile next to it because they have Fire on them too.
  • The better position you come at the end of the match, the more experience you get.
  • It will take much more time to get your Water Suit. Even if you play and win a match for over 10 minutes, your experience will only increase by 5% or a bit more.

If I think of anymore tips, I will update this. Now for tips on stamps:

Tips on getting Stamps

Now for the last category of tips, tips on getting stamps:

  • Always focus on geting one or two stamps at a time.
  • Memorize what you have to do to get them.
  • Keep trying until you have got those stamps first, and then move on to more.
  • Try to start off with the Easy and Medium stamps first.

More tips will hopefully be coming! I hope you liked our Tips for Card-Jitsu: Water page! Comment on this page if it helped you and tell us how it helped you. Maybe you can tell us how we can improve this page. If you got any tips you’d like to share, that would be great!



7 Responses to “Tips for Card-Jitsu Water”

  1. 1 isaacj December 7, 2010 at 3:55 AM

    Thats so cool, thanks for your tips!

  2. 2 CourtneyR182 January 30, 2011 at 6:17 PM

    Hi. thx 4 the tips. I was in the sports shop once and u wer there u might not have seen me though

  3. 3 samee9 February 4, 2011 at 8:48 AM

    thnx 4 the tips

  4. 4 TurtleShroom February 6, 2011 at 3:10 AM

    I need all the help I can get on THAT game…

  5. 5 sam November 12, 2011 at 11:58 AM

    that game is hard

  6. 6 izzie February 23, 2012 at 2:34 AM

    do u guys know any thing about the puffle party this year p.s im at school so bored

  7. 7 skywalkrs June 8, 2012 at 5:15 PM

    Hi.thx. hey does anyone know more about card jitsu snow ive been waiting for it for months if so please reply if not well reply anyway please. thx.

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