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Puffle Party ’11 Start Screen: Puffle Show

There’s now another start screen regarding the Puffle Party – more specifically the Puffle Show. “Members, show off your puffle at the Puffle Show!” – which is an event where members can get their puffles to participate in a talent show.

The party starts in two days, and will end on the 27th. Looking forward to the party? Let us know by commenting. This has been Ninjinian posting the second Puffle Party start screen.


First Puffle Party ’11 Start Screen

The first Puffle Party start screen can now be shown before you log in. It shows two penguins having a snowball fight at the Snow Fights along with all the puffles. “Team up with your puffles to party and play! Feb. 18-27”

Just seven/eight more days until the party starts! I can’t wait to check out the new Brown Puffle room and meet the mascot. I wonder who it is. This has been Ninjinian posting the first Puffle Party start screen.

EPF System Defender Start Screen

There’s a new start screen for the brand new EPF game, titled “System Defender”. It says “Alert: EPF under attack!” and then changes to “Report to System Defender”. The EPF page has been changed similarly too.

Better get playing System Defender, cause the game is out today. All EPF agents will need to work together to defeat the enemies! This has been Ninjinian posting the latest start screen.

Wilderness Expedition Start Screen

There’s a new start screen to view today along with the new System Defender one. This one is for the Wilderness Expedition which starts from January 18 and ends on January 31, so get ready for the expedition!

This is actually the Mountain Expedition, which was probably changed at the last moment because in the newspaper it said Mountain Expedition. Well now that we’ve explored the mountains, it’s time to explore the wilderness! I’m sure the new rooms will be great as well as the items. This has been Ninjinian posting the new start screen.

Holiday Party 2010 Start Screen

Along with the new Coins for Change start screen, there is also a new Holiday Party start screen which says “You’re invited to join the celebration!” Dec. 17-27 and it shows some penguins looking up to a big Christmas tree.

This start screen doesn’t come up a lot. The Coins for Change and bonus coins start screens come up much more than this one. This has been Ninjinian posting the Holiday Party start screen.


Coins for Change 2010 Start Screen

There’s a new start screen which you can look at before you log in! It shows penguins standing on the top of Earth putting coins into the Coins for Change barrel. “Save your coins and help change the world!” from Dec. 17-27.

If you click the start screen it will take you to the Global Citizenship page of Coins for Change. On it you can read about where your donated coins will go. They will provide medical help, protect earth and build safe places in many, many countries! You can also check out Coins for Change from 2009 and 2008 at the bottom of the page.

Coins for Change is a very nice way of helping people suffering all around the world – and we can help just by donating the coins we get from games on Club Penguin. Be sure to play lots of games, save up your coins and then donate to help many people around the world! This has been Ninjinian posting about Coins for Change and the new start screen.

New Card-Jitsu Water Start Screen

There’s a new Card-Jitsu Water start screen out. It shows a scene from Card-Jitsu Water – a yellow, red and orange penguin are playing. Two of them look kind of scared but the yellow penguin looks confident. They are shown going from stone-to-stone. It says “Member ninjas: The battle is ready. Are you?”

It also says “Watch the video”, which leads to a completely new Card-Jitsu, Fire and Water page (s). You can check out that post below. This has been Ninjinian posting the latest start screen.


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