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Brown Puffle in Puffle Catalog

The Brown Puffle is now available to buy via the Puffle Catalog. Members can adopt him for 800 coins. The Brown Puffle is super smart and inventive. He likes playing with beakers and rocket but is afraid of balloons.

The Puffle Party starts today too (which goes on until February 27, 2011) so now you can take your brand new puffle to the Puffle Show and dance with it! Are you gonna adopt one or do you have one already? This has been Ninjinian posting the Puffle Catalog/Brown Puffle update.


FEB ’11: What’s Coming Up for Members

The Membership page has been updated to tell us what Members can look forward to on Club Penguin this February, mainly focusing on the Puffle Party which starts from February 18 and ends on the 27th.

Here’s what Members can look forward to this month:

  • Join the Puffle Party and show off your puffle at the talent show.
  • Adopt the new Brown Puffle from the Pet Shop.
  • Access exclusive new puffle-themed clothing.
  • Stay tuned for more puffle surprises in March!

Well we know about the first three points, but what about the last one? It seems as though more puffle-related things are to come next month! We’ll find out soon. This has been Ninjinian posting this month’s membership update.

Club Penguin Treasure Book: Series 12

A new Treasure Book came out today – Series 12. The cover is gold and there’s no cheats in it. If you want to unlock something from this book you’ll need a Series 12 coin code. Have a look at the cover below.

I am quite disappointed with this Treasure Book. Plus, there’s no Brown Puffle to unlock. He’ll probably be able to be unlocked in Series 12. This has been Ninjinian posting the Series 12 Treasure Book.

You Decide: Viking Opera Pin

The play The Haunting of the Viking Opera will be returning to the Stage in February and Billybob has asked us to vote on a Viking Pin to go along with it. We have three choices; a Shield Pin, a Viking Helmet Pin and a Viking Ship Pin. So go to the Community Blog now and vote for the best one.

I voted for the third pin. And it seems that number 3 is winning by far. Have fun voting! I expect the voting to finish in about a week, so vote while you can. This has been Ninjinian posting the Viking Pin selections.

Card-Jitsu: Water Lag Update

Today, Billybob announced that the team have added a new feature to Card-Jitsu: Water. As you may know, there was a lot of lag while playing, so they have added a bar at the top of every game where you can hover your mouse over – when you do that you will get three options to change the quality of the graphics – Lowest quality graphics, Medium quality graphics and Highest quality graphics. The default is Medium.

Do you think this is a good feature? Hopefully this will help out all of you when you play Card-Jitsu: Water, so go try it out now! This has been Ninjinian posting the Card-Jitsu: Water lag update.

New Years 2011 Fireworks

Check out the fireworks at the Ski Hill and Iceberg – celebrating New Years! They have come early as usual. If you wait long enough at both locations, the fireworks will increase rapidly and a puffle-shaped firework will be lit.

Here’s how the fireworks increase rapidly at the Ski Hill.

And some fireworks at the Iceberg nearer to the island.

Liking these fireworks? I expect them to go by January 2nd. Happy New Year everyone, I hope you have an excellent 2011! This has been Ninjinian posting the fireworks updates.

New Animated Background in the Penguin Style

In this month’s Penguin Style catalog, there were two new Backgrounds. One that caught everyone’s eye was the Holiday Fireplace Background… because it was animated. The scene is the same as the last Christmas clothing page in the Penguin Style. Only the fireplace is animated, not anything else.

This is how the Holiday Fireplace Background looks animated:

If you haven’t got the background already, go to the Gift Shop and buy it for only 60 coins! If you don’t have coins at the moment, I’d suggest playing Puffle Round-Up. This has been Ninjinian posting about the animated background.

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