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Club Penguin Pins: Feb 17, 2008-Apr 3, 2011

Well, this is it for Club-Penguin-Pins. Over three years of blogging now comes officially to an end. It’s been quite fun to blog – and as I did I learnt new skills. I remember when I first started blogging at the age of just 9 (but four days later I turned 10) and couldn’t even learn how to post properly, so I had to make the posts as a picture on Paint and then post that :P. In 2008 we used to get hits ranging from 1,000-8,000 per month, then from July onwards we got more than 20,000 per month!

I would like to go over the reasons on why I’m retiring. First of all, blogging is getting boring for me – I’ve persevered over these three years but I just can’t carry on anymore. School is getting in the way too, especially homework. But most importantly I have duties elsewhere and it’s getting a bit out of hand. I enjoy those duties and so I have to let go one of the duties which I don’t enjoy mostly anymore – blogging.

I’d like to thank all our past authors that have blogged with me from the start: Rawkchawk33 who was the first CPP author, Szig18, Uspresident, pup320, Drake and Hitclubpenguin. Thanks for all your help! And most importantly I’d like to thank all the visitors who have visited us. We almost have 900,000 hits, and even after departing I want Club-Penguin-Pins to get 1 million hits – who can help do that for us?

My Twitter friends have helped me a lot when it comes to blogging, so big thanks and shout-out to iSpyPenguin, Revgreen, Piplup21883, Safa153, AftabCP, Sh3haryar, Andreylaur, Bobby_7845, KrabbyCP/Sammyz95 and Penguin75297cp!

Blogs to visit

Here are some Club Penguin blogs that you should visit for the latest cheats!

  • CP Reporters: This is Revgreen’s super-cool Club Penguin blog! It’s got a fantastic design and graphics! He’s also a very close friend of mine so be sure to bookmark his site!
  • Andreylaur’s CP blog: Yet another amazing blog by again a close friend, Andreylaur. Bookmark Andreylaur’s site aswell and visit it for the latest cheats and news.

Club Penguin Fanon Wiki

Before I give my final messages I want to introduce to you a website where you can expand your story skills, interact with other users and use your own ideas to create something original and big! You’ve all heard of Wikipedia – and most of you must know about wikis. If you don’t, wikis are websites just like Wikipedia where you can join and create any articles that correspond with that particular topic of the wiki.

This particular wiki is the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki – where you can create your own fictional articles based on Club Penguin and other penguin-related matters. I myself have been editing the wiki and go on it every day. The island Club Penguin has been expanded into Antarctica and many other countries. Cadence has become a more major dancer/singer as well as Aunt Arctic, Penguin Band, Gary, Rockhopper, etc.

So it would be great if you could join! This is the website – just join and start off by click the New topic button at the top of my talk page and leave me a message telling me you’ve joined. I’ll then help you out if you don’t know much about wikis. If you want to see a sample of the types of articles on there see these by clicking the name. You can go on the wiki and check out more by going through the categories!


It’s a very creative site and it would be great if you could join. Once again, thank you to everybody who has visited Club-Penguin-Pins even once. You can always talk to me on Twitter or via the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. And I will hopefully write an update if I want to. It’s been a great journey.

Long live Club-Penguin-Pins!  February 17, 2008—April 3, 2011



Spy Phone Messages: The Director & Protobot

Two days ago we EPF Agents got a message from The Director. As he addressed Herbert, he said that “you will need to try harder if you want to scratch the EPF. Our agents are incredibly skilled, and prepared for anything.” – now today Probot has delivered a message to all EPF agents with the help of Herbert:

Attention EPF. The polar bear and I have only begun our master plan. Once I have my core circuits, we will crush you. Resistance is pointless.

Earlier on we got messages from Herbert – apparently he helped us save the island once. Has he? Probot is complete – we look forward to hear more news from Director. This has been Ninjinian posting the latest EPF messages.

Message from Jet Pack Guy & Return of Herbert!

In this week’s newspaper issue in the Upcoming Events, The Director told us to check our Spy Phones for a message. For a while I haven’t (and others) been receiving messages, but now that bug has been fixed and all EPF agents should be getting the messages from before too.

You will have a message from the agent Jet Pack Guy, saying:

RED ALERT! We’re under attack! We need to get to the System Defender, pronto!

The reason of this attack was revealed in the newspaper too. If you go to the Secrets part of the newspaper, open up the paper and then hover your mouse over the paper-clipped picture for about 5 seconds (and keep it there) a message from Herbert will have appeared!

Here’s what he said and how the message looked like:


Prepare yourselves,
Embarrassing Pitiful Fools…
we’ll be ‘bugging’ you again soon.”

Signed— H.P.B & K.T.C.

So this is why all member EPF agents must get to the System Defender and help us block Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy the Crab from intruding. You’ll then get a stamp. This has been Ninjinian posting on Herbert’s intruding and the latest Spy Phone message.

Spy Phone Messages: The Director & Dot

Yesterday The Director sent us a message, and the EPF agent Dot sent us one too, today. I didn’t get any of the messages, which is quite strange cause I’ve only got one message ever, from G. Here’s what The Director said:

No new incidents of Protobot’s activity have been reported. Remain on alert – we believe it was not working alone.

And this is was Dot sent us today:

Update: the newspaper source that revealed us was not the Protobot. I’m sure of it. Whoever it was already knew about us. Still investigating.

So what do you think about these messages? Did you get them or didn’t get them (like me)? Atleast we know that the Protobot is not working alone. Someone, possibly Herbert, has built it and is using it as a cover. This has been Ninjinian posting the Spy Phone messages.

Coins For Change 2010 Results at Beach

Billybob revealed the Coins For Change 2010 results on the Community Blog already, but at the Beach there are more accurate results. Go to the Beach and click on the board near the Moderator badge.

Altogether we have 12,261,193,800 coins – that’s over 12 billion coins! Club Penguin also added cool facts – so that’s like:

  • 2,452,238,760 pizzas made in Pizzatron!
  • 2,919,332 years working as an EPF agent!
  • Buying 15,326,492 puffles!
  • Taking 490,447,752 pearls from Clams in Aqua Grabber!
  • Buying every single item of clothing ever released 16,613 times!

It also says how many dollars are going to each charity.

Woah, cool facts right? I donated over 5,000 coins, and I’m glad I helped to make a difference! Well done Club Penguin for helping the world! This has been Ninjinian posting Coins for Change results.

Why Club Penguin Didn’t Do Penguin Tales 2010

A few weeks ago I was going to the Book Room to play one of the Paint by Letters books. Before playing,  I ended up having a look at all the books. I looked at the Penguin Tales books and noticed there wasn’t one for 2010… because they hadn’t done one for this year. Yesterday I e-mailed Club Penguin and this is what they replied:

Hi Ninjinian,

That’s actually a great question! I didn’t hear anything about the Penguin Tales this year either so I’m not sure why there hasn’t been one for 2010. Aunt Arctic has been very busy this year and normally she helps out with organizing it. Maybe they decided to take a year off so that there will be even more stories in 2011, or maybe they’re busy coming up with a new way to share penguin stories.

Hopefully there will be another story writing contest soon though, penguins are really imaginative and I’ve always enjoyed reading those stories!

Have fun waddling around and be sure to email in again if you have any other questions.

So if I translate the e-mail sensibly, they mean to say that they have been too busy/lazy to do a contest this year… or they cancelled to plan something bigger. Last year’s Penguin Tales were announced in July, have a look at some Penguin Tales posts here, here and here. What do you think? I wanted Penguin Tales to happen this year. I’m kind of disappointed that Club Penguin didn’t bother. This has been Ninjinian posting about Penguin Tales.

Club Penguin Win BAFTA for Best Kids Website

Billybob posted on the Community Blog today telling us that Club Penguin won this year’s BAFTA award for Best Kids Website – and he just wanted to say thank you to everyone who voted for Club Penguin.

Above you can see the award between Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic plushies. Check out The BAFTA Kid’s Vote site here. If you didn’t know, BAFTA stands for British Academy of Film and Television Awards, and it’s a big UK ceremony – you can search up BAFTA awards for more information. This has been Ninjinian posting about Club Penguin winning a BAFTA.

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