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Club Penguin Puffle Party ’11

This year’s Puffle Party has arrived! There’s lots of things to do during this year’s Puffle Party – you can meet Cadence, go to the Puffle Show, explore all the different rooms and much more!

The only non-members free item is located at the Plaza. It’s a Blue Puffle Hat – very similar to last year’s free item. But with just a few colour changes. Like it? It’s not very creative as I’ve seen hats like these before.

Members can go to the Puffle Show which is located at the Ski Village.

If you go to the obstacle course your puffle will complete it. Set them up on a Puffle Grooming chair and then head to the Judging Stations. Then you and your puffle can take a break and have some snacks.

The free item is a Striped Puffle Jacket which is in the box in front of the third Puffle Grooming chair.

Now lets head to the Dance Lounge – which has turned into a Dessert Arcade. This looks like the Brown Puffle room, but doesn’t look scientific or brown-puffle themed though. But we’re here for the Rooftop.

Members can go to the Rooftop lift to the left of Thin Ice.

Go up to the Rooftop then you’ll see each colour puffle dancing all over the roof. The Green Puffle that is usually at the Night Club has took a spot on the DJ system. Cadence will visit this room during her visit.

Best of luck to everyone who wants to meet Cadence! The Puffle Party ends on February 27, 2011 – so you have more than a week to find her and enjoy the party! This has been Ninjinian posting the Puffle Party 2011.


Club Penguin Wilderness Expedition

The Wilderness Expedition is finally here! There have been reports that the Brown Puffle will be spotted during this event. We’ll see what happens. Check out the poster at the Town which says “Explorers needed! Discover the wilds.” Then click Go There – or simply go to the Dock via map.

In the bottom-right corner will be a new path, with an arrow and some flags. Follow that arrow to arrive at the Glade.

At the Glade is the first and only free item, called the Expedition Hat, which kind of resembles a skunk-hat.

Next to the box will be a note, which says “I wonder where these machine parts are from? I’ll follow them.” – this is a clue to let you know how to get through the Wilderness.

The directions are below – just follow them to be lead to the next room. You can tell which path you need to take because which ever path is correct, will be parts of machines. As you go through the Wilderness it will be hard to spot those parts.

  • Right
  • Up
  • Right
  • Down
  • Left
  • Down
  • Right

In the hard-to-spot-parts places I have highlighted them in red.

You will now be at the Cliff. When you get there you will be awarded with the Path Finder stamp.

Now click the note tapped to the tree under your Mail icon, which says: “Who or what built this weird machine? How do I switch it on?” There it gives some clues on how to.

In the picture below I have highlighted everything you need to click. If you want you can use this list instead:

  1. Click the plug.
  2. Click the beans to the right of your Mail icon.
  3. Click the coffee maker tap.
  4. When it’s been poured into the jug, click the jug.
  5. Click the green button.
  6. Click the pink lever, then the blue lever.
  7. Then click the yellow button, pink, blue and the other pink button.
  8. Click the blue lever.
  9. Whichever piano keys turn green, click them.
  10. Throw 3 snowballs at the fire that comes up.
  11. Click the green piano keys again.
  12. Press the aqua-coloured button near the phone.
  13. Press all the green buttons.
  14. Pull the purple and blue levers.
  15. Click the gas cylinder wheel.
  16. Click the red lever near the phone.
  17. Click the hot sauce bottle.
  18. Click the water cylinder.
  19. Then click the air vent.
  20. Click the toaster after it goes down.
  21. Throw 4 snowballs at the target that shows up.

When you do that you can get in the barrel. If you return to the Cliff after doing this process – there will be a red button near the note which you can click to automatically go to the end of the process (the target).

You will now be at the Shore. Here you will need to build a boat to get to the cave and will also need to buy an item in order to do that.

Go to the booth and click the note there to buy a Life Jacket, which is 50 coins. You will need to to get onto the boat. Remember, safety first. 😉

Click the note for some clues on how to build it.

And you’ll be zooming off to the cave!

When you land, you will be at the Bay – and will also earn the Out At Sea stamp. Then head into the cave.

Here is… the Brown Puffle Cave! Here you can adopt a Brown Puffle and check out what else they do! There is a machine with loads of O’ Berries, puffles writing Maths, sleeping and bouncing.

Click the note near your Mail icon and read it. “What a find! I’ve been searching for a brown puffle for so long! Notes: Are those safety goggles? Did it build the machine on the cliff? It looks like only one will follow me. Excited to study these creatures.”

Then click the Adopt puffle and give it a name.

Here is some close-ups of the Brown Puffle:

And below is how a Brown Puffle would look if it wasn’t with the new design; compared to the current Brown Puffle design.

And here is a screenshot of a Brown Puffle dancing. It bounces up and down, left to right happily while wearing his goggles.

They like playing with an airplane and an electric ball and adore wearing their scientific goggles. It flies in the airplane and rubs into the electric ball and gets shocked. Their personality is very intelligent, and when they sleep they have a dream/nightmare of algebra. In super play a rocket ship appears and the brown puffle puts it’s goggles on, it jumps and puts on a daredevil helmet. The Rocket Ship launches but the Brown Puffle is blown away and is stunned. The emergency parachute pops out.

Looks quite different, right? Hope you enjoyed the Wilderness Expedition! And our post! This has been Ninjinian posting the Wilderness Expedition.

Club Penguin’s Holiday Party 2010

This year’s Holiday Party has arrived today, on December 16. Billybob said in his Community Blog posts that the party would arrive on the 16th but elsewhere it says the party starts on the 17th. Below is the Town, with the Coffee Shop, Night Club and Gift Shop all decorated in a Christmas-theme.

The free item is the Reindeer Antlers are you pick them up at the Ski Village. A little history on the item: it first appeared during the Christmas Party in 2007 – besides that, you can get it from the Series 1 and 5 Treasure Books. As they have returned three years on, the item is no longer semi-rare.

That’s the only free item available at the moment, besides the Rockhopper one. Now let’s check out some rooms. Here are some pictures of my favourite rooms – which includes the Coffee Shop and many other rooms:

While upstairs in the Book Room, read the Christmas novels which are only available for a limited amount of time. There are three books, which include “A Penguin Christmas Carol”, “Christmas on Rockhopper Island” and “Puffle Pal Adventures: Music Makes Magic” – they were here during last year’s Holiday Party too.

In the Lighthouse, all the coins that you donate are collected here. If you stay in the room for long, the coins will fill up the whole room and then the room will be filled with coins! Go check it out now.

The Pizza Parlour is one of Rockhopper’s favourite rooms. He’ll be visiting here a lot. Have a feast with eleven of your friends on the table – there’s pizza, cake, fish and much more. Then open up the Christmas presents.

Now it’s time to check a brand new room that’s arrived today with the party.

The ??? Room

This new room is called the “??? Room” and you can enter it via the Town and Plaza. New paths have been made so that we can go there. The one at the Town is right to your Spy Phone and the Plaza path is to the right of the Coins for Change donation booth – the one next to the Parlour leads to the Forest instead.

As the room loads, it will say “Loading ???” – the room has purposely been made that because after the party, it will be transformed into the Community Room (read about it here).

If you throw a snowball, it will throw an ornament instead, which will be different shapes, colours and sizes. Have a look at the room and the snowballs below. Soon the room will be transformed.

Time for the members-only activity… Santa’s Sleigh Ride!

Santa’s Sleigh Ride

When you are in the Dance Lounge (which is now Santa’s Workshop), go up the stairs which says “Santa Sled: Win a Prize”. You will be leaded straight to the game. I’ll explain how to do it if you don’t know already.

Once you are ready, click the green FLY button. On the side of the sleigh it says how many presents left to deliver, just to keep track. There is the toys bag behind the sleigh to the next. Above your Spy Phone is the hole where the presents will drop, which you can do by pressing the red button. Every time you see a chimney, click the red button.

Each time you press that button, a present will fall out. Make sure you click the release button just before the hole is directly over the chimney because it is kind of slow and you will miss the chimney. If you miss a chimney, you don’t lose, you just carry on. Once you have delivered all 15 presents, click the red LAND button to come down.

A free item will pop up just to the left of the Moderator badge – it is a Santa’s Present Bag, also known as Santa’s Sack. This is a cool new item for members, don’t you think? It’s a shame there is a new item for members and not for non-members.

Well that it’s for this year’s Holiday Party post by Club-Penguin-Pins! Let us know if this post helped you by commenting, or if you’re a WordPress user, like this post! This has been Ninjinian posting the Holiday Party guide.

Club Penguin’s Halloween Party 2010!

The Halloween Party has finally arrived (at 10:50pm UK time) after many delays with bugs. Now the party is finally here, and there is a lot to post. We’ll start off with the Candy Hunt! Club-Penguin-Pins have the answers to the Candy Hunt for you to make it easy!

So first of all, click the Candy Bag in the top-right corner next to the Moderator Badge to start off. Currently you’ve found no treats, and there are 8 treats to collect. Each time you collect a treat, it will appear in the space it’s supposed to be in. In the bottom-right corner there will be clues to help you find each treat.

Note: if you log off, you’re candy will vanish when you log back on.

So the first treat’s clue is “The hunt begins, you’re on your way, Start searching where the starfish lay.” – this is at the Beach, near the entrance to the Dock, behind the tree. Click the chocolate bar – it will pop out. Click it again and then it will be added to your basket. Now onto the second treat!

The second treat’s clue is “The next one’s hidden out of sight, Overlooking a snowball fight.” – this one is an egg and is located at the Snow Forts, behind the trees next to the path to the Town. Click it and then click it again for it to be added to your basket. Now let’s move on to the third treat.

The third treat’s clue is “To find the next hidden delight, Look far away, near glowing light.” – this one is a lollipop and is located at the Iceberg (or as I call it, the Pumpkinberg), behind the stem near the aura lights. Click the lollipop then click it again to be added to your basket. You’ve found three treats so far.

The fourth treat’s clue is: “Through monster costumes you must dig. This one will make you flip your wig.” – this one means that it is at the Gift Shop, under the first wig on the shelf. You only have to click it once and it will be added into your basket. Half-way done, now there are 4 more treats left.

The fifth treat’s clue is: “Now try to find a cheesy scent, Then search a spooky instrument.” – cheesy scent represents pizza, meaning the Pizza Parlour. The instruments the organ inside it. This treat is a pumpkin sweet, and is hanging from the organ, to the left of it. Now only three more to go.

The sixth treat’s clue is: You’ll find the candy you adore, Where the ninja shadow was before.” – there was a ninja shadow in one of the mirrors at the Ski Lodge last year, remember it? Well the box treat is located in that same mirror. The mirror is above the fireplace and below your basket. Click it twice.

The seventh treat’s clue is:A witch has used this candy to, Improve the flavor of the brew…” – the witch’s brew is located at the Plaza, in the cauldron. The stick of the candy is coming out of the green stew a bit. Click it and then click the candy again for it to be added to your basket. One more to go…

The eighth and final treat’s clue is:The last one’s hidden near the smile, Of the largest pumpkin on the isle.” – this mean’s the Beacon, because where the giant light bulb is, there is a giant pumpkin inside. The stick of candy is to the left of the Telescope. You can now add it to your basket, and claim your prize!

After the Halloween Candy Hunt window appears, click the Claim Prize button to receive a Candy Forest Path Background! If you want, you can collect it after by clicking Continue, but if you don’t collect it and you log off, you will have to do the Candy Hunt all over again, so it’s best to collect it now.

When you have completed the Halloween Candy Hunt, you also get a Party stamp called “Scavenger Hunt” – Complete a Scavenger Hunt. And you have! So as soon as you grab the last candy, you’ll have the stamp and it will be added to your stamp book and to your collection.

There is another stamp you can get this Halloween too! It’s called “Monster Mash” – Wear a monster outfit at the Halloween Party. For this you can wear the Frankenpenguin costume, or any other monster – I think a mummy costume would count, so any monster costume!

Non-member Item

This year’s non-member free item is the Purple Bat Wings. In a latest Club Penguin wallpaper a penguin is seen wearing these Bat Wings. The wallpaper was added into the Community section just a few hours before the party updated. The wings are a Head Item and are located at the Plaza.

Haunted House

Members can go to the Haunted House via the Forest and enter the spooky house. Inside you can get a free Ghost Costume item. If you have it already, you can’t collect it again.

Dark Chamber

Head back to the Forest and go through the tree that says “Dark Chamber” above it. Remember that you need to be a member to get through this maze because it’s for members only. Inside there will be a maze you need to pass to get to the final room. When you are ready, you can enter.

This room is called the “Dark Swamp” – you need to watch the color pattern that the rocks display in front of the door, and then copy that same color sequence on the organ. This is quite annoying and hard. Each time you get the right colour the red dots just under the keys will turn green. Then the rocks will go down – you can now move on to the next room.

If you have already done the Dark Swamp task, and you want to pass to the next room again, you can use the Red Button Shortcut on the left tree. Once you press that, the rocks will disappear and the gate will open. Cool shortcut, right? This means you don’t have to do the task to get through again.

You will see that that there is not a lot of light in this room – which is called the “Dark Chamber” itself. The floor that you see was featured in the Better Igloos catalog. It’s quite dark, so you need light that you can carry with you.

In the corner you will see a box full of Lanterns, and over it there is a sign that says “USE THE LANTERN” – this Lantern’s official name is the Storm Lantern. So pick one of those up, and then go to the Hand Item section in your inventory, and get yourself to hold it.

Now you need to get to where your Spy Phone is positioned. Walk past the right arrow sign, past the coffin (down), then left and down. Now you are at the start of the maze. Walk all the way straight (or right, it’s the same thing), straight up, left, up and then right. Now you will be in the “Monster Room” – here you can collect a free furniture item, sit on the throne, and explore the area. This is the final room.

Well, that’s it! I would like to credit the awesome Revgreen for helping me out with the Dark Chamber! He owns CP Reporters, which is in partnership with Club-Penguin-Pins! Please visit his blog! 😉 Check out Night of the Living Sled, the Costume Show and why not check out all the rooms! I heard the Iceberg has been turned into the Pumpkinberg! And if a lot of penguins are drilling on it, they will carve a Pumpkin Face onto it! More posts are coming soon! This has been Ninjinian posting this year’s Halloween Party guide!

Club Penguin’s 5th Anniversary Party!

It’s Club Penguin’s 5th Anniversary Party! Congratulations to Club Penguin for turning five years old! The party, although it was said was going to last for only one day, updated yesterday – meaning that the party is staying for two days. But that day is gone and now it is October 24th! So get to the Town and check out the Coffee Shop. It’s been completely customized!

Walk into the Coffee Shop and you’ll find the whole shop decorated! Club Penguin choose the Coffee Shop to celebrate the party because it was one of Club Penguin’s first rooms! Grab some snacks by the table, or get a coffee, sit down and chat with your friends.

Walk over to the green and orange box on the floor. Click it, and the lid will come off and confetti will burst out. You will then find the 5th Year Party Hat! Collect it, and when you have it will be in your inventory.

There is also a stamp that you can collect! It is called the Celebration stamp, and all you have to do to collect it is walk over to the giant cake, and click the candles. The candles will then blow out and confetti will burst out of the cake. You will then have the stamp!

One of my favourite parts of the room (besides the cake) is the Party Hat Display near the Book Room stairs. They have showcased all the past Anniversary Hats, including the Beta Hat, also known as the Party Hat. I’ve made together a list of the past hats and their colours:

  • Party Hat: Yellow and Pink.
  • 1st Year Party Hat: Green and Blue.
  • 2nd Year Party Hat: Orange and Yellow
  • 3th Year Party Hat: Blue, Orange and Yellow
  • 4th Year Party Hat: Pink and Light-Blue.
  • 5th Year Party Hat: Green, Red, Yellow, Orange and Turquoise

And have you tried throwing snowballs in the Town/Coffee Shop/Book Room? If you have then you’ll know that when you throw a snowball, they will either turn out to be turquoise, orange, yellow, lime-green or red – which are the colours of this year’s Anniversary Hat!

If you think the colour on the hat is light-blue, not turquoise, then you’re wrong. It might look light-blue, but once you pick the colour and fill it on the page on Paint or something, it’s turquoise. Anyway, the Yearbook post is next! So enjoy the 5th Anniversary Party! This has been Ninjinian posting.

Club Penguin’s Fall Fair 2010 Party!

Hey, penguins! Guess what!? The Fall Fair, aka Fair is finally here! We were all eagerly waiting for the Fall Fair on Twitter, and now it is finally here! Club-Penguin-Pins have all the cheats and a full guide to help you during the Fall Fair! Read on to learn more about this year’s fair!

Click the ticket in the top-right corner to learn all about the tickets and how to get them! Remember, if you collect tickets and log off, they will disappear! Now you play the games and earn the tickets, them go to the Prize Booth at the Forest and exchange for items!

Now that we have the introduction + tickets sorted out… to the Prize Booth!

Prize Booth

Head to the Forest to play Puffle Paddle, buy items at the Prize Booth and check out The Great Puffle Circus! This year at the booth there are a lot of cool new items to buy! We’ll have a rundown and a list of all the items soon, but for now you can have a peak at what’s inside the booth:

So here are item pictures and list of them, just in case you needed them:

  • Popcorn Pin – 50 tickets
  • Balloon Flower Hat – 110 tickets
  • Red and Yellow Stripey Hat – 150 tickets
  • Fair Background – 50 tickets

There are more items coming very soon! Now to The Great Puffle Circus!

The Great Puffle Circus

The entrance to the circus is at the Forest, near the Prize Booth. Only members can enter the circus – here you can see puffles perform acts, and it was here last year and is pretty cool! Let’s take a look inside:

Looks like the same as last year basically! There’s a booth here too! Members can redeem even more items with tickets in here! Let’s have a look at the cool items you can get! Check out the picture below!

Here is the list of the current items you can buy and how much they are:

  • Ice Cream Cone – 75 tickets
  • Clown Wig – 200 tickets
  • Clown Suit – 300 tickets
  • Clown Shoes – 150 tickets
  • Cotton Candy – 75 tickets

So here is how The Great Puffle Circus looks like from the inside before the choosing puffle act panel comes up – there’s the yellow puffle ringmaster, and you can see the Green Puffle doing his act too.

The Orange Puffle is a new act this year – and he is called The Munching Marvel – basically, all he does is appear in a tiny circus car, drives around a bit in it, steps out of it and eats the car. Lol, very nice act!

Now we will move onto the games that you can play to earn tickets:

Game Booths

There are a lot of games you can play to earn tickets. Let’s start at the Dock! There are two games here this year – unlike in 2008 where you had the Grab and Spin game (which was my favourite) – they removed it cause of a cheating glitch. We’ll start off with Ring the Bell and Puffle Shuffle!

For Ring the Bell, you press and hold the mouse button to aim, then release the mouse once you’ve reached your desired strength. The highest amount of tickets you can get in one game is 25 games, which you get for being the strongest. This is one of the best games to get tickets.

Now for Puffle Shuffle. There are three hats, and under them are one puffle each. They get moved around and you need to guess which coloured puffle is hiding under which hat. You have 4 lives. You lose one each time you make a wrong guess.

More games coming very soon!

Wow, all that posting in one post! Well the Fall Fair goes on until September 12th, and in that time you can enjoy all these mini-games, earn tickets, redeem prizes with the tickets, watch puffles perform and even meet Rockhopper! New items will be coming next week so stay tuned. This has been Ninjinian posting the Fall Fair cheats! 😉

Preparation for the Fall Fair 2010

Hello penguins, the Fall Fair is soon coming to Club Penguin on September 3rd and preparations into this event have already begun with boxes starting to appear all around the island. But remember that Rockhopper is bringing some items as well when he comes as the Fair will start. Check out the Beach now it is packed with boxes, take a look.

I wonder if this years Fall Fair will top last years and please Club Penguin, for this party  think of the NON – MEMBERS! Hitclubpenguin is out 🙂

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